Voces Praecepta Sunt Quippiam Contingatis

The 1st Amendment prevents the Government – at any level – from stifling Free Speech. You’re not going to find a group of people more passionate about free speech than broadcasters, be they Super Star Mega Syndicated hosts or your local podcaster with tens of downloads. There is always a fear that if we let our guard down that some Government agent somewhere will try to silence our voices.

But what about when private companies do it?

Spotify recently removed “some” episodes of the Alex Jones Show, on the grounds that the episodes in question violated their policy on “hate speech.” The debate is muted by the understanding that Spotify is a private business and as such, not subject to the limits of the 1st Amendment.

At the same time, is it healthy for companies to suppress free speech? Is there a difference when you are talking about a Sports League and an audio streaming service?

The Pope has declared the Death Penalty vetiti. The theological questions that this raises are interesting, but it is¬†the reaction of the Press that has my attention. Instead of immediately praising the Papal Bull, we get articles about politicians that oddly echo the same questions asked in the past. Stand by for Roman Catholic Politicians giving speeches and statements regarding the Pope’s mandate. In keeping with the greatest of American traditions, I predict that most politicians will not be guided by the Leader of their Faith. Like we’ve been through before, this is more about how to use it to define politicians weak points than it is about the actual death penalty.

Stanislaus County has decided to pursue the vaunted “low-barrier shelter.” There is one sentence in this article that explains why it won’t work, but that won’t stop politicians all over the country from wasting spending tax dollars because “We have to do something!”


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