“I Feel Pretty, So Pretty…”

Ben came to me yesterday and announced, “I feel like I am better than you.”

Well… you’re not, was my simple reply. “Sure,” he said, “But I feel like I am…”

As a society, we’ve become so focused on what we “feel” that we’ve lost what we actually are as individuals. It’s gotten to the point where the government is now required to confiscate money from half the population to pay for other peoples feelings. And… in at least one case, one person decided that he felt he was being hosed over, so he claimed to feel another way and suddenly they gave him a discount. A BIG discount. Which, of course, calls into question… well… a lot of things…

The Media says that it feels “disrespected” because a CNN reporter got herself tossed from the next White House Presser. Journalists everywhere feel offended and have rushed to her defense, even from competing News Agencies. The outrage is palpable, but, like most things these days, it’s just virtue signaling by people who think themselves prettier than the rest of us. Plus, they have VERY short memories about events and advice. All of which took less than one minute worth or research (in the form of a properly worded Google search) which just proves the point that it’s not about the sanctity of the press or the righteousness of their cause as much as it is about who is sitting in the Oval Office.

The dichotomy of the American people is that  – in this particular species of democracy – “The People” have a critical role to play. And when they do not play their role, power shifts away from them and to those who will abuse the public trust. Point of order? The American people hardly yawn when Congress passes bills to spy on them, reduce their rights for “National security” or raise their taxes. But a provision in a 2017 Tax bill that might (nobody is really clear on it) require some non-profits and churches to pay a 21% tax on some benefits is somehow or another going to cause a voter revolt? Please…



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