Jumping Over Dave’s Bookcase Shark

I had never watched Shark Tank before last night. That might change in the future…

Look, I get it, most of my Sharkness is in fun. It all started one afternoon long, long ago, when Jill the Überchick had a story about a fellow whose dog had somehow or another ended up in the jaws of a shark off Monterey (as I recall). The guy dove in and beat up the shark, saved his dog, and started my own obsession with sharks and shark news. Later fun With news would revolve around Shark news to the point that the greatest local band of all time, E.A.R.L., wrote a song about it.

Through it all, I have done what I could to use my position and what influence I had to support shark protection and legislation that helped protect these magnificent creatures. At one point I even had democrat Legislators on the show – believe me, they had a hard time accepting that I wanted to talk about sharks and not politics – to help them get California’s Shark Finning Ban passed.

On the show yesterday, we read an excerpt from St. George Tucker’s Annotations to Blackstone’s commentaries on the Law. now, let me say first off, that I am enthralled by Tucker’s story. His writings are immensely important and underappreciated by Conservatives and Constitutionalists alike. Virtually all of my personal reading over the past thirty-six hours has been Tucker.

Second, in the excerpt we shared yesterday, there was a single sentence that distracted me: “[T]he unqualified use of the term equality has furnished the enemies of democracy with a pretext to charge it with the most destructive principles.”

That singular sentence has captured me in a way that rarely happens. I have pulled, twisted, poked, prodded, diagramed, dissected, and even analyzed that sentence for hours. Why? Because it is a prescient vision of a time that both was and is again when the concept of “fairness” takes on a new definition, and in that definition seeks to undo the original meaning and ideas of American democracy…



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