The Supreme Court, once again 5-4, says that Public sector Unions forcing people to pay money to them for use in political activities is a violation of the 1st Amendment. It’s consistent with yesterdays ruling on the California law compelling speech by anti-abortion activists. In reality, how you react to the ruling says more about your politics than it does the actual issues in the case…

Facebook cannot find the people they gave your data to. They wanted to find them, but it turns out they can’t locate them. It’s almost as if they were fake companies just trying to steal personal data and then took the data and ran. don’t worry though, the state of California has a plan to solve the whole fake News “problem.”

And in the Halls of Congress, homeless Congresspeople have been sleeping on their couches. Thankfully, a new law has been introduced which will ban Congresspeople from sleeping on couches AND giving them taxpayer dollars to have a place to live!


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