The USS Michigan Reunion

The Reunion was a huge success. Seeing friends I hadn’t seen in 35 years was… well… amazing. These are just a taste of the main event…

On four of my six patrols (after my ships quals were complete) aboard USS Michigan, I was the Emcee for Halfway Night, with Larry Sloan as my producer. I cut my teeth being on a microphone in front of the crew. For me, this night was a coming full of the circle. Once again, in front of the shipmates I love and behind the microphone for them!

Larry Sloan and I. Larry was the producer of Halfway Night shows on the boat and put this event together just like the old days.

Rick Muse, Eric Kirchner and I relaxing after the dinner

ENCM(SS) Bill Accord was my COB (Chief of the Boat). This man was responsible, along with many other CPOS’s for putting a lot of us in a position to be successful.

Father Tony Cutcher. After his time on Michigan he attended Seminary and for the last 19 years has been a Priest. This is him speaking about those Crew Members who have gone on Eternal Patrol.

Mike Meyers is an amazing story. The only reason he is with us today is because of the Gift of an Organ Donor. Seriously, please become an Organ Donor!

Mike Gill (L) and Mitch Ycaza (R). Two FTB’s who served with me and taught me a heck of a lot about Fire Control and life. Including the castration of sheep. No… I’m not kidding…

Cami and I at the Reception

Getting people checked into the reception

Our Reunion 2018 Challenge Coin. Certain to be a collector’s item!

Larry had this model commissioned and built special for the Reunion


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