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A Court orders a 30-Year-Old Man to get his bum behind out of his folks’ house. Most of us applaud the Court; after all, tough love is the best policy. But how did we get into this in the first place? Is there no responsibility on the Parental units for allowing their son to be a dependant? And why should the Tax Payers have to pay for a court to do their job? And doesn’t this remind us of a bigger parallel?

The NFL decides to put a stop to the kneeling protests. too late, the horse is already out of the barn. There is a solution to the problem, but it has nothing to do with kneeling.

The Santa Fe shooters dad has spoken up and lets us know that he believes that there is a victim in all of this, and it’s not the ten people his son killed.


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  1. I’ve heard about this story several times before, but there was one commentator that mentioned a very small fact that puts this young mans motivation all into perspective. He is a father of a young child and has lost custody of that child. As long as he doesn’t have income they can’t make him pay child support, and if he is living at his parents home, he has a safe place to raise the child if he does get custody even partial custody back. Should he move out, all of the bills will come due and he will have to be much more responsible for the upbringing of this child wither he wants to or not, wither the courts grant him visitation or not. That I think is the Real motivation, the parents know this, and I think they are also hopping to have some sort of visitation with their grandchild as well, which will mean he Can’t be in their home, the mother probably would not allow it since he’s just a bum that got her pregnant.


  2. I think the real reason this guy is doing what he is doing is so that he doesn’t have to pay child support for his child that was taken away from him.

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  3. sounds to me like this guy, who is appealing the court’s ruling, is a snowflake. wants no responsibilities except to cruise through life. All of the talk radio commentators I heard pontificating on it..I did not hear anyone say anything about child support / custody. I feel if his parents were elderly & needed help with their care, I might give this a 2nd look. Did not sound like that was the case. I have an elderly family member who needs minor help with his care & no longer drives — his niece has moved in w/ him. she has a part time job doing in-home care for home bound seniors — which works out great. She has her time, he has his & she is there to help him 3-4 days a week.

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