So… you have to understand that I live with several people who are constantly ordering things from Amazon. I do as well, but almost always it’s Kindle Books.

During the show today, the dog started barking downstairs, but I ignored it as I was on the air and really couldn’t do anything about it anyway. When the show ended, I finished up the post-production work and uploads. Then I took a shower and headed downstairs to get a bite to eat. Next I decided to head out to check the mail.

On the porch was a package, which since I hadn’t ordered anything I assumed was for my wife or my daughter. I put it on the table without even looking at it. By the by, the regular mail had not come yet. I said hello to a neighbor and came back in.

At that point, I was asked what was in the package? “I don’t know, I didn’t order anything,” was my honest reply.

But it turned out to be addressed to me.

Inside was this:

A few days ago, a listener and fellow podcaster on the Podcast 99 had asked for my shipping address,  but I didn’t make the connection until I opened the box up and found this inside.

To say that I am deeply touched would be an understatement.

I don’t do the show because I make money or I have a contract, or because I’m required to do it. I do it because I have fun with it and because it reaches people who take the time to tell me that they enjoy it.

When I started Podcast 99 I had a vision. It was simply to help as many people as wanted to put in the effort to get their podcasts and shows to as many people as possible. This isn’t a “Conservative” thing. It’s a voice thing. I have a vision for a new kind of radio experience, and I believe that more and more people are catching on to the idea.

We may never – I may never – crack the “Talkers Heavy Hundred” (congrats, btw, to my friend Brian Sussman for being #61 this year), but the idea isn’t to be “somebody,” it’s to open up opportunities for anybody who has something to say to get a chance to say it.

Thank you again to the listener and fellow show member who sent this to me. I appreciate it more than words can express.

I hope that I am always worthy of the respect and confidence that all of you give me.



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  1. What a nice surprise buddy. BTW. just like you, my wife and I left the state of California and moved someplace else. We moved to Arizona and we are happy in our new digs. I hope all is well with you. Jim AKA Energyjim.


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