An Empty Cart Rattles Loudly

I’m back from the mini-vacation to Spokane. Like most vacations, it was a mixed bag of excitement and meh… On the downside, I did not survive my trip on the RMS TiTanic. But my wife and child did…

Watching the Korean handshake was surreal. Frankly, I am still unsure of what to believe. Every instinct in my Cold War blood screams that it’s a trick. But… at the same time, what if it isn’t. What if I have grown so old, so inflexible, that I have outlived my usefulness? Would that constitute a joke?

Is it possible that what we all watched – or at least I hope that we all watched – over the weekend is legit? Is it really possible that after sixty-five years the Korean War may actually end? Is it possible that the PDRK is actually serious about giving up its nuclear weapons? How is it even imaginable that the two Koreas, divided by far more than a stone line, can become a single entity?

The Bill Cosby conviction has not been as well received as those who are the most vocal on the #MeToo side had expected. In fact, starting with Cosby himself there seems to be a bit of blowback and resentment – particularly from victims of harassment who took matters to the proper authorities in a much quicker manner.

I have mixed feelings about the entire situation. Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and that ilk thought that their position would protect them, even as they supported laws that meant that for others who were not of their means the concept of reasonable doubt went out the window. At the same time, are there legitimate questions as to why it took all this time for victims to come forward?



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  1. “Is it possible that the PDRK is actually serious about giving up its nuclear weapons?”

    Oh, they are – presuming the US is willing to pay their price. Which (at a minimum) is going to be pulling our forces and protective umbrella from South Korea. The DPRK didn’t develop nuclear arms to turn around and meekly give them away. They developed them to force the US to bargaining table on *their* terms. They’re keeping them unless they can get serious concessions in return for them.

    Kim Jon Un has learned the lessons of Hussein and Gaddafi well.


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