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A week after the airstrikes on Syria, we are learning – in an unclassified manner – the assessment of the effectiveness of the attack. Which in round numbers was effectively, zero.

This is not a surprise. If the goal was to “deter” Assad from using Chemical weapons, this is not how you do it. It’s never been how one does it. It was doomed to fail, just as every time its been tried before it has failed.

The only available means to eliminate the threat of Chemical weapons use by Assad is to eliminate Assad. In which case, you will have eliminated Assad, but replaced him with the next fellow likely to use them again anyway. So… well done, there…

Where does that leave us? With a war that, euphemistically, has “stalled, but in reality is just not winnable.

One of the more interesting news stories this week doesn’t involve James Comey, Stormy Daniels, Wells Fargo or Rudi Giuliani. The Nation of Swaziland has decided that after fifty years of independence from the British Empire, it’s time to change its name to something more… marketable?

One of the most popular AHT’s throughout the last century is the “Hitler escaped to South America and is living in Argentina” theory. The main basis for this was a German U-Boat which had been unaccounted for after the end of hostilities in 1945. Rumors abounded that the ship, a Type XXI U-Boat, had slipped away with a cargo of gold and “special passengers.”

Well… that theory now has a gigantic hole in it. More precisely, that theory now rests in a giant hole. On the bottom of the ocean.



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