The Revere Revision

Information on the run-up to the Syrian strikes is beginning to come out. It turns out that SecDef Mattis wanted to get Congressional approval before the strikes were launched. This does not surprise me, because Military people tend to believe that Congress is in charge of things.  President Trump, advised by Vietnam dodger Bolton, did not want or did not believe that they needed to wait for Congressional approval. Guess which side won out?

Post-strike, SecDef Mattis went to the Hill yesterday to brief Congress (as required by the War Powers Act). After that briefing, Senator Graham has expressed his “deep concern” about the future of US involvement in Syria was, which is all but over. People who are paying attention will not be at all surprised at exactly what it is that Graham is “deeply concerned’ about, which raises the eternal question, what exactly are the “National Security” issues in the wasteland that is Syria?

A Fresno Stata English Professor who happens to have tenure decided to tweet her personal opinion of Barabara Bush yesterday. Needless to say, it was an opinion typical of someone who has spent her entire life in the comfort of academia, who never done a thing to serve her country, hides behind job benefits to avoid any accountability and thinks that her opinion, as an English Professor at a small school most people have never heard of, actually matters. The tweet is less about the former First Lady than it is about the need for attention by a person who has no understanding whatsoever of the 1st Amendment. 

On the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere made his famous “Midnight Ride” to alert the good Citizens of Lexington and Concord that “The British are Coming!” In recent years, it has become fashionable to diminish Revere’s role in the matter, by pointing out that several others, including a teenage girl, also participated in raising the alarm. I get it… I am not sure that even Longfellow believed that one man by himself could have alerted the entire countryside to the threat. His famous poem wasn’t meant to denigrate or reduce the role of others, but to capture the emotion of the event.

The next morning, standing on the green at Lexington were seventy-seven American Colonists. When they woke up tot he alarm they were loyal British Citizens of the Crown. Now, they were damned rebels.

Two of them, Isaac and Ebenezer, were among the youngest. And two hundred and forty-three years ago tomorrow, they would help to set the course this nation would travel…


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