A TiTanic Paradox

Ben loves to play “Would You Rather?” It’s a game where he postulates two – usually absurd – scenarios that are generally unrelated and asked which one you would rather do. Yesterday it was this:

“Dad, would you rather go back in time top your worst mistake and fix it; or go back to 1912 and ride the TiTanic, but you know that you will get into a lifeboat?”

It’s really a rather profound question from a seven-year-old. Sure, I have my regrets surrounding my “worst mistake,” but as was pointed out on my Facebook feed, I wouldn’t be here if that hadn’t happened. In fact, I can postulate a scenario where if I don’t make that mistake, my life today is really screwed up. On the other hand, it would have saved me a bought of clinical depression and alcohol abuse.

As for the TiTanic, could you actually go there and not try to save them?  What if you succeed? What if you fail? Who had the seat in the lifeboat that you now occupy?

Yeah, I know… it’s just a question. But believe me, it’s FAR more interesting than anything the former FBI Director had to say…

It’s Tax Day! Hurray! Did you do your part to fund the EPA Chiefs soundproof booth? How about doing your part for the Chesapeake Bay Journal? 

The King County Sheriff has suspended one of her Deputies for five days. For this:

Starbucks is used to seeing itself as some sort of moral compass on the issue of racism. That hasn’t gone so well for them of late. The manager of a store in Philadelphia (The City of Brotherly Love, by the by) had two Black men arrested for loitering. The problem was, of course, they weren’t “loitering,” they were waiting. For their friend. Now Starbucks has a solution to the “problem,” which is as predictable as the sunrise, but clearly does not involve going back to fix their worst mistake…

Alex Jones is being sued, basically for being his normal asshat self. 


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