The Monday After

I have always been a pragmatist. I make my argument until it no longer matters. Then I move on. I am not given to the “I told you so” mentality.

So, where are we now after Friday evenings military excursion? Can we deduce anything from the Presidents statement – delivered just as the first missiles landed – as to what the next move may be?

I was somewhat surprised that I was pleased by the content of the Presidents statement. For an action of which I disapprove, I thought that he delivered a well prepared and well-positioned speech.  It sent the right message and tone for what he is attempting to do. Whether or not it can be accomplished is another story, but he made it clear that this was more about Russia than it was about Assad.

Anybody who has listened to my show for more than an hour knows that I am very proud – sometimes obnoxiously so – of my service in the US Navy submarine service. I am not going to apologize for it. we were – and are – the best of the best. We have a long and proud tradition. The monthly USSVI meeting has become my favorite two hours of the month. a chance to sit with other Submariners, both past, and present, and talk about what we can do to perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who have departed on Eternal Patrol. In fact, as a completely off-topic aside, I am deep into our annual fundraiser for the Lt. Willie Spoon Memorial Scholarship Fund. Click HERE for more information on that.

But my service pride aside, I have always opposed the Draft. Every time it comes up, I make it clear that (I believe) the Military has no need for or place for people who aren’t 100% committed to being there. even 100% volunteer, we always seem to end up with people who don’t, but for the most part, the people serving today and since 1973, are dedicated and willing. But what if… what if the reason why there is no real debate, no real opposition, no real anti-war movement, is because we have an All-Volunteer Force?

If there was a draft, would we still be operating on the 2001/03 AUMF for a never-ending, undebated war?

Over the weekend, Art Bell, the former host of Coast-to-Coast AM, passed away at 72. To be honest, the topics he covered were never ones that I felt were in my wheelhouse. I am not a conspiracy nut, but I have to give Mr. Bell two things. First, I always believed that he actually believed what he talked about. Second, he was very good at it. Any aspiring Chat Show Host could learn from him.

That said, I once talked about the issues he had with another of my least favorite people in the biz, who had made some public comments about Mr. Bell that were – not be mean here – way over the line. Bell sued him and I ended up blogging about it. That blog – because of the nature of the other guys’ comments – caught the attention of another blogger, Garland Davis, and we ended up good Interweb friends. Along with his whole group of WestPac crazies.

So I have Art Bell to thank for a bunch of new friends.


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