Zuck It!

Facebook CEO mark Zukerberg is back on the Hill today, basically tripping over himself to “apologize” for Facebook’s role in getting Trump elected. Despite rather “Upside-the-head-with-a-2×4” questions of which anybody with the brains of cabbage would see the point, I am not at all convinced that Zuckerberg “gets it.” He still thinks that this is all about Trump. Congress sees this as yet another opportunity to take control of private enterprise. Zuck sees an opportunity to eliminate competition. 

As we watch and wait out the great game of chicken in the skies over Syria, we are “shocked” to learn that Paul Ryan will not run for re-election. He’s been in Congress for twenty years. Is this a good time to look at Term Limits?

Media Attention Stumpets want attention. That’s it. That is their entire motivation. Attention. But the more of it you give them, the more they crave. Eventually they come undone because really, very few people can handle that much attention, but until that point, they use that attention given them to destroy those who, well… give them the attention in the first place.

So… why would you give them the attention in the first place? If you do, you’re gonna lose


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