The Future Is Better Than The Past

Given that his Dad is a historian, I’m not sure where Ben picked it up. But, he’ll say it to me at least once time a day. “Dad,” he will pontificate,” Remember that the future is always better than the past.”

I know why he thinks that. I lived through almost half of the 20th century. Today – with all it’s problems and stress and issues – is better than the 1970’s. And I say that as a person who still nostalgically loves the 1970’s. I was there, I lived it. But for all it’s color and fun, today is better.

Technology keeps getting better – except for the parts that are going to kill us – and life gets busier. But if entropy is really the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, can we continue to expect our society to improve? It all leaves me asking a lot – A LOT – of questions:

What will Trump do in Syria?

Is it possible that California Legislators are even more irresponsible than even I though that they were?

Can Facebook really be to blame for selling your data?


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