I Need You!

A couple of things to talk about tonight…

J’s Politics Blog Show live on the P99!

First, congrats to J Brown, as he had his first successful live show on the Radio side tonight.

With that, I would remind everybody that if you’re out there thinking that you’ve got the chops and have always wanted to have your own show, now’s your chance! We have PLENTY of space for live programming. And if you’re not so comfortable being live, then we can help you launch your podcast version too. Drop me an eMAIL (CLICK HERE) and I’ll be happy to get you started.

Whatever your idea is, let’s talk about it. We have room for literally everything. The wonder of the coming of Internet Radio is that there are no limits. If you want to talk about it, it has a place here. Local, national, worldwide, sports, religion, relationships, books, movies, TV shows, technology, opinions, anything you want to talk about.

Drop me a line, let’s talk about your show!

Next up, I am really enjoying being live on the air again. It really is a different feel. All the prep can quickly go out the window and one has to be on ones’ toes if things get funky. It’s not like a Podcast, where if I hose something up, I just delete it or backup and redo it.

Having said that, it’s also time to start seriously looking for a co-host. Now, I have a list of things, some of which are “would like to haves” and some of which are “must haves.” If you read through the list, you’ll get an idea of what I’m hoping to find.

Look, nobody is going to be John, and I’m not expecting somebody else to be him. That said, I’d like to find a good person to work with to make this show even better.

So here is the list:

  • Have some awareness of the day to day world. You don’t have to read every newspaper in the world, but if you’re not looking at something other than Facebook or Twitter (or The Daily Show) for your news, it’s not going to work.

  • Be somewhere between Moderate Left and Conservative Right. I do not want a hard left progressive, nor do I need an Alt-Right AHTer. If you’re like most people, you’re somewhere in the middle anyway, being passionately right about some things and moderate to left on other things. It’s helpful if they aren’t the same things I am passionate about. I’m not looking for a “Yes” man or a Ditto Head or typical Hannity caller. Knockdown drag out fights aren’t my thing, but neither do I need a lackey to agree with everything I say.

  • Have some understanding of religions, science, economics and a sense of humor. You don’t need a PhD or to be ordained or even be a comedian. Just have a basic understanding of the subjects and be willing to explore them further.

  • Must be available weekdays (Mon – Fri) between 9:30am and 11:30am (Pacific). Obviously people get sick and have appointments, etc. But more rather than less. For the right person I might shift the time, but that’s really not what I’d like to do as the 10am hour is perfect for me, my family, my (real) job and a few other considerations.

  • Must have a good computer and internet connection and be very familiar with how to use them.

  • Web skills or at least a good familiarity with WordPress would be cool.

  • Be willing to learn

  • Be ready and willing to work with a control freak and perfectionist.

If you think you have what it takes, let me know (CLICK HERE) and we can have a chat about it, see if we should move forward.


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