Deporting Veterans

A Latino Veteran with a solid record is slated for deportation. Secretary Mattis is told that a Chinese Veteran is not subject to deportation, but now faces being sent home to China. The headlines are loud and angry.

But is there more to the story?

Should person who serves in the US Military automatically get citizenship? Should they be protected from deportation due to their service? How does an illegal immigrant get into the Military to begin in the first place?

On this day in 1775, William Dawes was born. Later he would perform an invaluable service to his country. In 2017 a State Governor decided to ban people from his Social Media accounts. How are they related? Well… the US Supreme Court understands that a Town Crier is both necessary and important…

Dr. Richard Pan is a State Legislator in California. He believes that if YOU have a Social Media account, it should be HIS business to make YOU manage it to HIS satisfaction…


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