Don’t You Dare Dilly Dilly

Everybody wants to get rid of Fake News posts on Social Media. But what about the Fake Ads? You know… the ones that aren’t political?

You cannot, under any circumstances, say “Dilly Dilly” at Augusta National this week. If you do, the Golf Police will toss you out on your derriere.

The shooter was upset over the policies of YouTube that were removing videos and demonetizing them. How long will it be until she’s a “Crazy Conservative Conspiracy Nut?” (Probably before I get on the air…)

Seventeen (so far) Cities and/or states are suing Trump over the Citizenship question on the census. Much Media says that this question is new, having” never been asked before,” while others say that it’s not. Well… which is it? Should it be asked? 

Across the skies, using Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the Hubble Space Telescope spotted something never seen before. A Star over nine billion (with a “b”) light years away. Just think about that…


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