My Universe In a Nutshell

If I were to pick the books which have most influenced my life, there would be three of them:

Cosmos – Carl Sagan
A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking
Genesis and the Big Bang – Gerald Schroeder

One stands above the others, Hawking’s book – A Brief history of Time – came out at a time when I was drifting pretty aimlessly. The combination of the three books made a huge impact, but it was Hawking’s that… well… made it into a unified theory.

There is a great deal of pride that I feel as Ben discovers these cosmic truths on his own.

The USS Colorado was commissioned over the weekend. So far the focus has been almost entirely on the controller used to operate the photostatic masts – what used to be called “periscopes” but have now been replaced by hi-def cameras mounted to the masts. It’s not really a new idea, but what’s got everybody all a chatter is the toy being used to operate them…


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  1. For me, it was encountering Douglas Hofstadter’s books in the ship’s library. It’s practically criminal that they’re not better known.


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