The Volcano Doesn’t Care About Your Tariff

This past weekend, we decided – on a whim – to channel my Dad, load up in the car and head out to see what could be seen. One of Ben’s many scientific fascinations is volcanoes. He’s been watching shows and videos about them. We looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Mt. St. Helens! Jinx, you owe me a Coke!”

Cami and I are funny that way. So off we went to the Visitors center and then drove on Hwy-504 as far as we could (there was heavy snow about 3000′) and were suitably impressed by the force and the power of nature.

On the way back, Ben said something that really made me smiled. “Dad, the volcano doesn’t care about your rules.”

No matter how those who use government for their own purposes try to cheat us, defraud us, or plain out abuse us, the truth is that nature doesn’t care about their rules. In the end, Nature wins.

The beauty of history is that you get a chance to look at what IS happening through the prism of what DID happen. Is every parallel absolute? Of course not, but there are still valuable lessons in which can help us judge what is happening today.

Take for example, the question of tariffs. The President says that they are great – the best tariffs ever, economists seems united in their disagreement, but is that disagreement a question of the effectiveness of tariffs or a matter of who proposed them? The purpose of a tariff is clear… well.. most of the time. It is protectionist in nature, although not always. Once upon a time it was a way to keep the US Government from running a deficit.

And be protectionist. And be patriotic. All at the same time…


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  1. Deciding “on a whim” is probably the most reasonable and rational thing people do, Dave.


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