Lord Jim

As it stands rights now, at least five Broward County Deputies were on the scene at the Parkland shooting, but did not enter the building. Are there considerations as to why they failed to enter the school? Were they trained not to go in, but to wait for SWAT? Or did they just freeze? We’ll talk with Bill Mick of WMMB-AM in Melbourne, FL about the issues. 

Is the measure of a person captured in just one moment in time? Is the failure in the moment of crises doomed to haunt a person – and our perceptions of that person – forever?

In Seattle, a local journalist looked out her window and saw a flag hanging from a neighbors flag pole. She decided to not just be offended by the flag, but to inform the media, presumably to get other folks as riled up and offended as she was.

Now she looks the fool and is trying to explain away her faux pas as simply “stress from the politics…”

Scientists are often found to complain that the general public, ignorant in the ways of the Scientist, doesn’t trust them. We’ve talked about the problem before. Part of the reason that the general public doesn’t always trust Scientists is that they say absolutely ridiculous things…


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