He’s A Wiley One…

I have always loved the Winter Olympics. The Summer Games are fine – and I had a grand time attending them in 1996 – but for me, it’s the Winter Games that captivate and enthrall me. There are three sports that I can’t miss: Ice Hockey, Curling and my favorite of all, the Ski Jumping.

If there was one thing that I can try to do in a fantasy camp, it would be the Ski Jump. Soaring like Matti Nykänen, but probably landing like Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards! That would be a dream come true…

But I love all of it. I watch the Luge and the Speed Skating; I yell at the Judges in the Ice Dancing and I am in awe of people hurling themselves down a mountain at 70mph on what is basically solid ice.

Mostly what I love are the stories of people who have no chance whatsoever of a medal. Why do they do this? What does it take for them to get there? A couple of them are already standing out to me. A kid from Tonga and one from Aspen… On the down side, a big part of the Opening Ceremonies, universally hailed as brilliant, was faked… 

The Great Government Shutdown 2 of 2018 ended after a couple of hours, but the questions, the frustrations and the concerns remain…

The President refuses to declassify the Democrats counter-memo. He says that they intentionally exposed sources and endangered National Security. Would the Democrats really do that? Or is the President over-hyping the memo, which purports to counter-memo the GOP Memo which also has it’s problems with security but was approved for release by the President?


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