Augmented Reality

It all started when I had to get a new phone. The one they wanted me to buy comes with something called, “Augmented Reality.” I had no clue what that is…

It turns out that AR is something that we all are experiencing more and more of each and every day. in fact, it is designed to stop you from doing the one thing that you shouldn’t be stopped from doing for yourself – Think. But it has taken over ever aspect of what we see, hear and decide. From the President to the NFL ratings to the City of Bremerton’s decision to install security Cameras. All of it does one thing – decide what you think of something before you ever stop to consider it for yourself.

Oh… if you disagree with the AR, then you’re “stupid.”

America lost a hero this week. John Young wasn’t “just” an Astronaut. There were more famous men and women who flew in space.

There were names that everybody knows and holds in high regard. But there was no one who did the things that John Young did, including the most dangerous and unprecedented mission ever flown by NASA.

He passed away this week at 87.

A long time ago, there were a bunch of us who were tasked with and trained for the possibility doing something that is to this day – unthinkable.

But we did it… really without thinking about it.

Or did we?

And what have been the effects of our wonderings all these years later?


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