Harvey, Bowe and Roy

Editors Notes: This was not an easy show to record. Dave was both eager to talk about these things and at the same time, reticent (for reasons you will hear) to do so. We apologize for it being late, but now you understand why.


Harvey Weinstein’s recent outing as a predatory sexual criminal has some odd effects on the nation and society as a whole. first of all, are we really that shocked to discover this? The truth is it was so well known an occurrence that it became a trope used in movies, books and TV for decades. Even some of our favorite films make reference to it. Moreover, is the outrage expressed by Hollywood itself really believable? Maybe, maybe not. But in any case, the destruction which is caused by this behavior is more than can measured by a simple #hashtag or a newspaper article. Do you really understand how damaging to the victims this is? Do you understand how it effects their lives permanently? How it changes the lives who love and care for the victims? Why do the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world – not just Hollywood – get to decide to destroy lives with impunity? And what – if anything – can we or should we do about it. Because at the end of the day, while Hollywood knew about it and chose to live with it, we knew about it too…

As I have said before,  I personally have never been a victim of sexual abuse or harassment. But… I personally know far too many people who have been. In the early 1990’s I attended a Seminary that was smack dab in the Red Light district of Atlanta, with an up close view and conversations that still haunt me. My first marriage was a quagmire of confusion and misunderstanding because of her past history of being abused.

As we see story after story of abuse and misbehavior, we are forced to ask whether or not this is simply a matter of telling men to stop, or is there something deeper at which we need to be looking? Is it really as simple as a hashtag?

The destruction caused is massive. The collateral damage effects far more people than will admit to it, and that is just one of the reasons why this problem defies any level of understanding or ability to solve with simple solutions.


Sgt (for the moment) Bowe Bergdahl complained this week that “at least the Taliban was honest” about how they treated him, implying, in fact claiming, that the Army had dealt with him unfairly.

Look, I am well on record as to what I think of Bowe Bergdahl and the trade that brought him into the Army’s hands. Now am I really supposed to give a rodents rear end about his error in thinking that the Army has treated him “unfairly” compared to the damn Taliban?

Alabama GOP Senator nominee Judge Roy Moore made some noise recently when he claimed that US Law ‘requires” people to stand for the flag and the National Anthem. The fact is that it does not, but that won’t matter to those who support him or oppose the Anthem protests. But it does raise a bigger question or two. The players say that they are “not” protesting the Flag, and I have no idea then what exactly it is that they are protesting. But, I dismiss the idea that they are not being offensive.

Why? Because whether or not I “support” the Flag or Police or the National Anthem or anything else literally has nothing to do with why I stand for the moment.


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  1. It’s sad to know that these things happen to fellow human beings, but as you said, it came as no surprise. A stereotype actually. We aren’t hearing if the women got the roles they were after or why they took so long to complain.


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