Advanced Nukes


SEGMENT 1 – PDRK “Advanced Nuke”

North Korea claims to have both tested a “hydrogen” bomb and to have mounted it into a missile. Assuming (and yes, I know what that means), what do we do about it? The President will have to decide, but what would President Dave do?  There’s a couple of paths open to us, but neither are very promising. Both will leave millions of Koreans in harms way and lead to another ground war on the Korean Peninsula…


In Salt Lake City, a Nurse is arrested for refusing to help a Police Officer carry out a warrantless search. By now, the Salt Lake PD has apologized and the Mayor has issued his apologetic statement. The Nurse was released without charges, but pretty much everybody assumes (and you know what happens then) that she’s going sue. I’m not so sure. In any case, how does something like this happen? Is it “just a mistake?”

The problem seems to be even more widespread than we want to accept. In Seattle, a local Deputy pulls a gun (in a very odd manner) on a motorcyclist stopped at a red light. And a now former Police Officer who was found guilty of violating the civil rights of a man she arrested (falsely) is given back pay and allowed to retire. Why? What is the real problem in all of this? Is it really just a few “rogue cops?” Or is there something… else that should concern us?

SEGMENT 3 – The Hitchhikers Guide to Banana Peels

The Golgafrinchams created a society in which elitist intelligencia was able to convince themselves that a third of their population, such as accountants, hairdressers and telephone sanitizers, was completely unnecessary. Using “Fake News,” they convinced the “useless” uneducated third of their population that the planet was about to be destroyed by nature or an asteroid or a nova or rampaging elephants, something along those lines. Using the power of persuasion, they convinced the useless third of their population to board Ark B and set out for a new home, while the remaining important smart people stayed behind having tricked the useless third into leaving them alone. The story ends with the Golgafrinchams who strayed behind all dying from a virulent disease they caught from a dirty telephone.

What’s the parallel? Over the past thirty years, so much emphasis has been put on college and degrees, that there is now a critical – one might say desperate – need for “tradesmen.” But before you get too excited about that, remember that the Antifa-Left regards those who don’t value college educations as a characteristic of the Alt-Right. Meaning that in their world, if you don’t have or feel the need for a College Education, you are by their definition a racist Neo-Nazi. Then they complain about how much it costs to get a good contractor to fix their hot tubs.

This was brought ever more to mind this past week when we learned that a college in Mississippi tried to hold some kind of retreat. It was cancelled when a careless person tossed a banana peel into a tree.

Which actually might be the dumbest sentence I’ve even written…



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  1. They don’t really need a MIRV to pose a serious threat. Twenty or thirty single warhead birds (at the outside) or even as few a dozen or so are more than sufficient to materially alter the Balance of Terror. We invented MIRV mostly to saturate notional (and now nonexistent) point defense ABM systems.

    In the same way, they’ve already demonstrated a missile (HS-14) with sufficient volume and throw weight to handle that warhead and toss it over useful ranges.

    C3 decap is a risky business… it depends on their not being any form a deadman switch. That’s a tricksy business, because the deadman could flip before anyone with any rationality can intervene. Regardless of what we tell them about our intent, nobody is going to take an attack on The Motherland lightly. Would that deadman be nuclear? Hard to tell. But it would almost certainly involve massive conventional bombardment of Seoul and other targets within close range of the DMZ.

    The other problem of course is that there’s alway someone who doesn’t get The Word. The local and lower level commanders are the real problem even if we can convince the upper echelons to stay their hand. (Or even if they do get the word, decide to show their loyalty and dedication to the Leader and the Motherland anyhow.)

    Frankly, the increasing disconnect between the police and the rest of the population frightens the fuck out of me.


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