The 360

So… first things first.. the audio quality of this particular show is just nothing short of complete crap. I

Mt. Rainier from our new street

know that. So save the technical eMails. This was recorded in my Brother-in-Laws kitchen with equipment that is less than satisfactory but was all that was available. I highly recommend NOT using headphones. 

I really thought that I should just round file it, but after a few days of fiddling with it I decided that it has been too long since there’s been a new show, so here it is.

Our POD arrives on the 2nd of August (a seminal date in my history), which means that by the middle of August the new studio *should* be set up, although there is one factor that could push that back a week or two.

We are in the house, roughing things until we get our stuff. But otherwise things are really great. Except for the heat. Yep, it keeps hitting 80 degrees here.

It’s crazy hot!

Yes, I’m kidding. Stay cool, my friends!


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  1. 103 to 109 for the next 14 days miss hearing you on the radio

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  2. Wish I’d known you needed an air mattress, we have one here at the apartment.

    I know what you mean about the Lost World… As you know, I’m from the South, and a few years back my hometown (which has it’s own native style of BBQ) voted Famous Dave’s the Best BBQ in the county. Let that sink in for a minute. A national chain making second rate ribs was voted ‘best’ over businesses that have been there for decades making a local style of BBQ (of which ribs are not a part).

    Maybe it’s due to the massive influx of people from outside during the late 90’s and early 00’s reaching for the familiar. Maybe it’s due to the media campaign that a mom ‘n pop shop can’t match. Whatever the reason, it’s disturbing. And sad.

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