PACNORWEST Briefing #1

I wanted to drop an update an let ya’ll know how things are progressing up here in the land of trees and incredibly poor drivers.

Cami started her job today at the Bremerton Naval Hospital. Needless to say, I am thrilled about it, although when we showed up this morning to get her pass and ID, the office was closed because the Sailors who were supposed to be there were “late.” This is a new concept to me, as I was always under the impression that the one thing we Sailors could not be was “late.” Nevertheless, she finally made it in and I went off to my job working on the management side of Real Estate. 

It’s actually quite fun and interesting. The one thing that Christine Papworth was never really able to relate to me was how much the job is very much an intense game – as it were – of call and bluff. I’ve been at it a week, an to say it’s been intense would be an understatement. Especially when it was my own house on the game. We lost out on the first house we loved, which will be a show topic at some point in the future. There is a very real bias against VA Loans for reasons which are both mythical and real at the same time.

A few days later, we did get our offer accepted on another house that we love, and we are now in the escrow process.

So… my job is going quite well. Today alone we will close on about $900k of property. It is a little strange to me, to be so involved in business again – and from the “for profit” side. But it is fun and it is certainly challenging. We’ve had our issues and hurdles, but that’s what makes each day different.

On the down side, we were also in a car accident on Sunday morning. Cami’s Cruze was rear-ended by an unlicensed, uninsured driver. Thankfully everybody was okay, and I have to add that the Cruze came through it magnificently. There is damage, obviously, but nothing that would have kept us from driving it. We were hit pretty hard, but square on the rear. From the noise and the speed (30mph) I figured the other driver would be badly hurt (at least by her airbag) and our stern would be stove in something awful. But the Cruze was seemingly built to absorb such an impact and it certainly did. It goes to the shop for repair on Tuesday, and our insurance company (USAA, not that I get anything to tell you that), has really had our back,

Ben was quite ill the last day or so. He’s been throwing up and crying a lot. He sucked it up this morning and we took Cami to work for her first day, now he’s just watching Toy Story while I work on some paperwork for a couple of deals.

If everything goes to plan (and it seldom does), we will be in the new house on July 28th. It has a room designated to become the new Podcast 99 Studios, and after we get settled a bit, Podcasts will resume!

The biggest news was the birth of our second Grandson, Brandt, on June 4th. He turned up at least a week early.

Funny, but true: he was born late in the evening, and I had already fallen asleep when Cami woke me up to show me the picture. She scared me and I literally (figuratively – John)  jumped about a foot off the bed. Then she showed me a picture on her phone. I did not have my glasses on so I was having a hard time focusing on it, and I asked, “Why am I seeing a picture of a burnt hot dog with mustard?”

When I got my glasses on, I was greeted by my grandson, who is marvelous and ready for the world, even if he is like me and likes to be early to everything!

All in all the first week or so has been… well… an adventure. Hopefully we can have more positives and a few less accidents and illnesses, but we’re moving forward and soon things will be settled down and back to the new normal.

Thanks for the messages and the encouragement. I cannot wait to be back behind the mic!


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  1. Maureen Surwillo

    so glad to see you are back & that you are all ok after the fender bender (so to speak)


  2. Greetings from Taxafornia,
    It sounds like your starting to settle into life in Bremerton pretty fast, except for Ben anyway. When you realize he’s never lived anywhere else in his life except for Manteca, it’s a pretty big change for him. And the change in the climate will probably bother him for a year or two, but I’m certain he will get thru it because he’s got a great Family to support him.

    Modern Cars are amazing how they can protect us in minor collisions, but no doubt you will be having the unibody chassis checked carefully for proper alignment because something had to absorb the energy from the impact. The old ways of just looking at the skin of the car and thinking everything is just fine is long gone.

    Your families latest Burnt Hot Dog with Mustard is pretty darn cute, Hope Mom is doing well, and someday, you have to get that kid a Dachshund pet and name it “Burnt Hot Dog!” I promised myself that after my last dog died of old age 15 years ago, I wouldn’t get another dog because I’m so tired of cleaning up after them. But as my Daughter and son are growing more and more interested in pet dogs, I realize it’s not my decision much longer. Sigh

    I guess I misunderstood from the last Podcast that the Dave Bowman Show was ending with your move out of the area, kind of confused about this now.

    On Local News: The local Patriot group sent out a news blast this morning urging everyone to send a letter to Attny Generals because Gov Brown has signed an agreement with the Nation of China regarding climate change. Now aside from the issue of Climate Change, the issue at question is, Does a sitting Governor have the Authority to negotiate and sign any agreement with a foreign power? They site Article 1, Section 10, clause 3. However I clearly remember that in the 2008 election Governor Palin talked about signing agreements with Alaska’s neighbors’ Canada and Russia and it was the left that screamed about how this was so bogus. So if it applies to one Governor why not both Governors. Perhaps it’s that it’s applicable to all Governors as long as it only applies to their representative State not the entire Country? My question to you, if you choose to write about it is, Can a sitting Governor exercise legal Authority to negotiate an agreement or “Treaty” with a foreign power ever?

    And since your now dealing in Real Estate, what is your opinion on the New No Down Payments beginning to be offered again for home purchases? Makes me think maybe I can get another rental property closer to where I live and sell my old one.

    Lastly, I hear Army beat Navy again, a couple of weeks ago I think in Rugby. GO ARMY!


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