Holstering Free Speech

Around the world, the idea that I have the freedom to speak on whatever issue or opinion I may choose is slowly eroding to the point where I begin to wonder if it really exists at all?

In Ireland, a well known Comedy TV actor is being “investigated,” for the crime of blasphemy, Now before you jump on the obvious conclusion there, you might want to hear the full story.

In the United States, the President and his staff have both decreed an intention to and have begun to take some form of action to “look at ” the libel laws in this country, so that they can can sue for “a lot of money.”

And on our own television, an actor, that is a man paid to pretend he is somebody else, cracked a joke about Putin’s holster. Outrage flew from the keyboards of those on the political Right, calling for his dismissal from a program they already don’t watch; a boycott of his program which they already don’t watch; to stop buying products that aren’t advertised towards them; and – tragically – for something that you would think that conservatives would find to be an anathema to themselves. But they called for it anyway. And somehow, instead of saying “nope,” the government is “looking into it…”

Since 1798 political freedom of speech has been under attack in The United States. Each succeeding generation has managed to find new ways to push the envelope on both sides of the issue. How much can I say? How much can I force them to shut up?

And what can I as a conservative and an originalist say in response that is true to what I say I believe?


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