Today is Pesach, or Passover in English.

Obviously there is no show today since it is a holiday. Probably my favorite holiday for what its worth. I love the Seder, the watching of the Ten Commandments and even eating matzo for eight days. yes, it gets old, but there is something about it that touches my spirit.

So I am off today, celebrating the day and yes, catching a baseball game. It’s how I relax and celebrate!

But before I skip out, I wanted to say “Thank You” yet again to all of you who listen. We passed 55,000 downloads this past week which is a number that I could never have imagined when we began this journey. I know that things are going to get a bit whacky over the next couple of months. It seems like every time we really get rolling we have to take a break. The move to Tacoma will consume some time, but I am doing what I can to make sure that the show will stay active. 

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog, listens to the podcast and downloads the podcast and comments, likes and shares. Without you, this would be a lot less interesting. I appreciate you all and I want you to know that! There is one other thing you could do to be helpful. I have a very short five question survey that if you could take just a minute or two to answer would be very helpful! Just click HERE to take the survey.

Happy Baseballover! I mean Passover!


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