USS A Long Time Ago


It would be untrue to say that I do not talk – a lot – about submarines. What I haven’t spoken of nearly as much is my experiences on my boat, USS Michigan SSBN-727(G) from 1983-1987.

For nearly four years Michigan was my home. In fact, up to that point in my life, it was longest I had ever “lived” in one place, and it moved around the Pacific Ocean. What made her home for me wasn’t just 18,500 tons of HY-80 Steel and billions of dollars in the latest (ahem) equipment designed to accomplish the mission. It was 165 people who all had pretty much the same goal.

Last night I sat up quite late doing something that was never imagined in 1987 when I walked off the boat for the final time. And in those hours last night, I found that feeling of home again. And I thought that maybe I could take a few minutes today and talk about it…


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  1. It’s not meaning-less…My time on the 727 certainly help shape the person that I am today. But as you said, I must have been in some kind of a mind warp at that time because I can’t remember 90% of the sh*t I did.
    We lived…we help prevent WW3….and…?

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  2. Hi Dave,
    Mitch Ferguson here. I was an A-ganger on 727Gold from around 1988-93. Like you, I don’t remember a lot of things from that time, and I’m not even sure of the exact years I was on there. I need to dig through my records to find out.

    I think this thing you’re doing is great. I’m working on a book about my life to preserve as much of that history as I can. I will try to contribute what I can to your project. I hope we can meet at a reunion someday.


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  3. I can neither confirm or deny that I remember anything. Belay that. I remember Dave Bowman, and I appreciate him as well. Great work Dave.


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