I Know a Guy

57742715The boys are back! Should they be freaking out over the Glorious Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea? Or is it just the smell of the Kim-Chi in Dave’s second refrigerator?

Meanwhile, some Manteca Farmers – not Chris Teicheria who was off being funny with the German (Das – the singular, see? A little foreshadowing), save Manteca from imminent and ToTaL destruction.

Dave is having the kind of day that will make you want to take drugs. Except that you can’t. Why not? Because the pharmacy has become an impossible place to get them!

John is doing great! Although his work managed to offend his own sister…

Should Dave & John ever start doing Constitution Thursday together again?

John watches the Bachelor so that you don’t have to. Trust us, this week he took the bullet for you. Is John the next Bachelor? You’ll have to watch to find out…

Hell’s Kitchen is a terrible TV show. It keeps John up at 7:45m with its badness. Maybe Chef Ramsey should invite Dave & John to be special guests on the show?

Why are so many fights breaking out kids birthday parties being held at at Chuck E. Cheese’s? Dave has an answer that puts the blame squarely where it belongs… Mac & Cheese pizza

The Last Jedi is plural. How do we know that? Because English is a terrible language (see the foreshadowing above…)

The greatest President was George Washington. Not Abraham Lincoln.

The worst person in the world should be stuck down with a horrible disease. Why? Because she is is a terrible person and she has fake boobs. Dave & John have a solution to all of her problems. Just give all the money to them!

Otherwise they may end up having to shill for Chuck E. Cheese





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