The Devil You Say

giphyIf you were to catch me off guard and ask me what I liked the least about being a Chat Show Host, I would tell you that hands down, without a doubt, not even close, it is the AHT’s (Aluminum Hat Theories) I get sent almost daily and asking (demanding) to know why I am “not talking about this???”

In Radio, one has to be more of a generalist. There it is an attempt to get the most amount of people listening to you for the longest possible amount of time. Trust me on this, Conspiracy Theories (AHT’s) are both terrible radio and attract pretty much the least amount of people for the least amount of time.

Oh sure, there is a small – and I mean VERY small – niche of people who live and breath them and want to hear them all the time. But from a Talk Radio approach (i.e., Ratings you dolt! Get ratings!), they are a sure fire loser. There is a reason why the AHT’s shows that do exist air overnights.

But from a Podcast viewpoint, the window opens up a bit. There isn’t the pressure to get ratings and nothing but ratings. Time isn’t as limited (I realize that I limit myself to 30 minutes, but that is my own constraint, not that of the medium). Topics can be wide and as varied as the the color spectrum and still people will complain about either talking about them (the AHT’s) not enough or too much.

Here’s the deal with AHT’s – You simply cannot argue with crazy.

Not crazy people in the sense of mental issues, but in the sense of ideas. The fact is that some ideas are in truth, crazy. And when people glom onto them and accept them as factual, there is literally nothing you or I can say that will change their mind.

Listen to me. There. Is. Nothing. I. Can. Say.

If somebody believes that 2+2=3, there is literally nothing that I or anybody can say to them that will convince them otherwise. In fact, You will get told that your answer (which I presume is 4) is “exactly what the corporate media, or the New World Order, or the Shadow Government, or the Bildebergers “want you to believe.” Hence you have now become a part of the conspiracy, and you can be safely ignored since they “obviously got to you.”

So why has this particular bee gotten into my bonnet? Three simple words:

Tropical Storm Lucifer

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  1. I suffer from insomnia and sometimes turn on, what I call, “The Midnight Nuts with George Noory” for the comedy.

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  2. Dave this may sound like a conspiracy theory, but I think the reason conspiracy theories exist is because we know that the government isn’t telling us the truth about ANYTHING, so, as long as they’re making up a truth we don’t like, some people find it more palatable to concoct their own “truth” and then accuse the government of not telling that truth to the public.


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