What Trumps Federalism?

My concern from day one of the Trump campaign was his rather flimsy understanding of things Constitutional. It’s not enough to say the word, and it certainly wasn’t heard much on the campaign trail. In fact, as John and I discussed last week, things he did say caused ears to perk up and take notice and question whether or not the soon to be leader of the free world actually understood what he was saying or just didn’t care?

Whether it was suing newspapers or jailing flag burners, it was quickly becoming apparent that there is a large gap in the President’s Constitutional understanding.

Then we hit three snags. First up is the “ban” on scientists speaking to the public. Isn’t this a violation of their (the scientists) 1st Amendment? Well… no, it’s not.

Then we have the sanctuary Cities fiasco.

trump-tweetThen we come to Chicago.

Trump warns that if they don’t clean things up he will “send in the Feds.” Which “Feds?” is a question which has yet to be answered. And that answer will go a long way to determining whether or not the President actually understands the Constitutions limits and allowances.

And what kind of future he has in mind for Americans who don’t see things his way…

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