Godwin’s Law Ignored


I’m not sure why it hit me so hard today, but the non-application of Godwin’s Law is really starting to anger me.

The recent days, weeks, months and even years and decades have been filled with references to those who disagree with one side or the other as “Nazi’s.” And the easy way with which we not only permit this but accept it should be insulting to not only Jews, but every American who hates totalitarianism.

But it isn’t. One side is more prevalent in its use than the other, but the other side allegedly has Neo-Nazi’s running its media. Neither side or their minions seems to have any understanding of the reasons why their language is harmful. They also don’t want any understanding of it. The proof is in the language pudding they all serve. The same people who demand that I use “him” instead of “her” or “they” instead of “she,” are the same people hurling the Nazi label. Hypocrisy much?

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About Dave

Talk Show host, lifelong Baseball and Star Trek fan, US Navy Submariner and Fire Control Technician (Ballistic Missile) 1st Class Petty Officer (Submarine Qualified), Dave is married with four daughters, one son, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren plus one on the way. He resides quietly in Manteca, CA, where he records his podcast, Plausibly Live, three days a week. He also writes for several other blogs and as a "Stay at home Dad" plays a lot of games with his son. Dave loves books, history and is learning to weld and drive a forklift. Just for fun. Dave is also a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans and a Member of the US Submarine Veterans.

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