Dave’s Holiday Viewing

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My traditional Christmas TV Show viewing. These are the shows that I MUST watch every year before it’s really the Holiday season for me… 

It’s a Bundyful Life – Married with Children

married-with-children-its-a-bundyful-life-14A Bundy take on It’s a Wonderful Life, Al wishes he’d never been born and Sam Kenison shows up as his fallen guardian angel to show him how much happier Peg, Kelly and Bud would be without him. When the Angel pinches Pegs butt, she can’t stop from laughing even as Jablonski tries to squeeze it out of her. Ultimately the angel “can’t think of one darn reason” while Al would want to live, which is of course, why he wants to – so Peg, Kelly and Bud don’t get to be happy.

You’d Better Watch Out – Married with Children

married_with_childrenOne of the single funniest moments in TV history, right up there with the Thanksgiving Turkeys in WKRP. When I first saw this back in 1987, I fell off the couch I was laughing so hard. Can you keep it down? We’re trying to have a Christmas here! Al loses again, even after saving Christmas for the neighbor kids and the Lakeside Mall… Catch me in five minutes, I’ll smell like hard liquor!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

0-mgd_gqyw7dukzzeI have always thought that this is the very best version of the story. Michael Caine says it’s his favorite role and the music is fantastic. I hate that the TV versions cut out portions of the original film – specifically the Belle and Ebenezer break up song. But even so, it really does Dickens proud. Even if there are two Marley’s…

Christmas Vacation

    Who doesn’t want a house full of relatives at the most stressful time of the year? Shitter was full! ‘Nuff said.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The tradition unlike any other. If this were made today, it would never be a hit. But it’s just so charming and a reminder of simpler times. 




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