The Holidays are full upon us and Ben is now out of school for the Christmas Break. This will be the last full entry for the blog this year – I reserve the right to still blog if I feel the muse – but I am working to get everything in place for January 9th. The studio is ready now. I am still trying to replace my main computer, but even if I don’t get that done, it will just be a minor inconvenience. So hang tight just a couple of more weeks and things should be back to whatever passes for normal around here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Years! May 2017 be filled with joy and thrills for each of us as we begin another orbit around our local star.

122116-297755main_gpn-2001-000009_fullOn Christmas Eve 1968 mankind did something it had never done before. Apollo 8 entered orbit around the moon and for the first time in history man was able to see the incredible view of the Earth rising over the moon. The iconic and moving photo was taken by astronaut Bill Anders who was supposed to be shooting pictures of the lunar surface, but when he and the Frank Boorman and Jim Lovell saw the Earthrise, knew that they had to shoot it and in color. One of the most turbulent years in history ended with the most amazing sight we’d ever seen. Now, using 2016 technology, the way that photo was taken has been re-recreated so that all of mankind can be a part of that moment. I really don’t care what else you do today, but watch this video. It’s six minutes you will treasure. And it will remind you of how small our problems really are on the cosmic scale…

I caught a few minutes of the Godfathers show yesterday, as he explained to me that Obama’s anti-drilling law will be overturned because, and I am paraphrasing here,  “Congress never gives up the power to legislate.”

Look, Rush is the Numero Uno for a reason, but even he, on occasion, fails to learn from history. Not only does Congress give up legislative powers on a regular basis, but they actually seem to like to do it. How do you think we ended up with an Executive Department this massive and issuing pages after thousands of pages of “regulations” which Congress has deemed the equivalent of laws?

Oh, you don’t think that they are? Go out today and violate a regulation or two and see how much of your liberty and treasure you are deprived of by the bureaucrats. Without due process in most cases. The only reason they can do any of that is because Congress willingly and eagerly gave up its legislative power.

In point of fact, it was very early on that Congress that decided that if it could just hand off the power to make decisions to that President fellow, nobody could blame them for going to war with France and England, if we did. It would be up to the President alone to decide if we should. That was in 1810. Why would today be any different? Legislators hide behind regulatory shields and then publicly decry the agencies they set up to enforce the regulations in the first place. Back in 2013, John and I talked about this incident in 1810 on Constitution Thursday:

Now, as to the law in question, even if Congress decided to change the law, the GOP has already stated on several occasions that there will be no nuclear option in the Senate under their control. So, to end debate you’ll need 60 votes. Does the GOP have 60 votes?

That law isn’t getting changed until they do.

I’m also just going to go on record here and state that IF the GOP manages to repeal Obamacare, and I do not believe that they will actually try, it will be “replaced” by something even more government funded. Remember that the purpose of the ACA was not to provide medical care, affordable or otherwise, it was to centralize power over medical care decisions in the hands of the government. There’s a reason why progressives were “disappointed” in the Obamacare and that even the President himself said that he wants a “single payer” system. They want that single payer to be the Federal government. Healthcare, at least as represented by the ACA, has been declared a “right,” and rights are not often – in fact never – repealed. The GOP had plenty of chances to do something about the ACA from 2010 onwards, and has done nothing.

“But Dave,” you cry, “The House has voted 138,000 times to repeal Obamacare.”

Yes, they have. In procedural meaningless votes that went nowhere. Why? Because they like the form of a vote to repeal that has no actual substance. It allows them to say, “Look we tried,” without actually trying to do anything. I call that “Pulling a Denham.” It’s the master move of my local Congressman who for years going back to his days in the State House, voted for stuff he knew wouldn’t pass so he could get “campaign” donations and tell people that he was being “bi-partisan” while not getting tossed out for opposing his party.

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