You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor!

121916-48985084-cachedI said the other day that countries throughout history, and most certainly the United States, have gone to strange and distant lengths to “interfere” in the elections – whether free and fair or not – of other countries. How odd is it that today – with absolutely NO PROOF of their accusations whatsoever – the Democrats stand accusing the Russians of doing so to us. Well… what did they think was going to happen (if it even did) after the Democrats interfered in the Russian elections?

For me, there is no doubt that Russia, along with China, North Korea, Greece, The Philippines, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Denmark and even Andorra are trying to hack us. No doubt whatsoever. Given that we know that and have known about the danger for many, many years, does it make sense for a Secretary of State to set up her own private server in her basement?  And for a President who knows that she’s done that to allow it?

At any rate, during all of the hoopla now over the alleged hacking – again, no proof that it had any effect on the election in any way has been shown – you may have missed that back in July (i.e., more than three months before the election), the Clinton Campaign planned on using the Russian hacking that they suspected  was happening against Trump by appealing to those in the so-called “Rust Belt” of Ukrainian, Polish and other Eastern European ethnic groups who the campaign believe had reason to dislike or even hate the Russians and so would flock to Clinton. In other words, before she blew the election because Russian spies made more than 60 Million people vote for Trump, the Clinton Campaign was using the alleged hacking as an advantage, not an “interference.” 

So now we get the great “The Russians Are Coming” panic which is ridiculous. SNL’s cold open and Senator John McCain’s Sunday News Show appearance notwithstanding, am I supposed to believe that Russia convinced the Attorney General to have an ill advised meeting with the former President? That the Russians convinced Hillary to insult half of Americans? The Russian’s forced Hillary to run a crappy campaign that ignored the pleading of those on the ground in places like Michigan that all was not well?

You can believe that if you choose, but stop saying that “We all know…” because there is not one shred of evidence that Russia effected anything, even with their hacking. If the Russians can do all of that, we might as well just surrender now.

121916-0def61188e6600a21d78b07ced323032Representative John Lewis (D-GA) has introduced legislation to post all costs online so that the American people will know exactly how much the war costs. Now, before I say what I really think about this particular bill, let me say that I agree that We the People should know this. In fact, Congress should be guarding our treasury like a hawk and screeching to the heavens about waste, fraud and abuse and whatever spending they feel like we would think is “too much.” I would not only support that, but I would encourage it.

Unfortunately, Congressman Lewis’ provision in the Defense Authorization bill smacks of self-serving faux piousness. Remember Dave’s 3rd law: the more pious a person is, the less likely he/she/it have anything to be pious about.

So, Congressman Lewis, why now? Why today? This smacks of the whole Congressman X bullshit a few months back. If Congressman Lewis actually cared about the war spending, why didn’t he say something, oh, say eight years ago? Or even sixteen years ago? Why now? I guess that I could pull the “We all know…” line here, but really, why does he think that we stupid enough to believe that he didn’t care a whit about “war spending” for the last eight years but now it’s a national priority worth of a provision in the latest defense spending bill and press releases proclaiming the efficacy of his efforts?

Meanwhile, don’t kid yourself. Congress has insulated itself and its own voting interests against attacks such as the recent Trump Tweet® on the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35. Did you know that there are components of the F-35 built in virtually every State? That cutbacks on the overpriced and underperforming fighter plane could threaten jobs in basically every State in the Union? Meaning that basically every Congressman, including Daddy War Bucks Counter Lewis of Georgia will oppose any cutbacks to the program.

121916-at-at-frontI managed to catch Rogue One on Friday, on its opening day! Ben was in school, so Cami and I figured that we’d catch the pre-matinee and beat all the crowds. Off we headed and were just pulling into the theater when the phone rang. Ben’s school calling to tell us that he was complaining of a sore throat. We gave up and headed to his school to pick him up. When we got there, the school was insisting that he go home, but it was pretty clear that he was not only not sick, but wasn’t really faking. His throat did hurt, but only because he tried to eat to big of a bite of an apple. We pointed that out, the school said he was “sick” and should go home. So, we left. And as we drove away, he started talking. And talking. And talking. You know, the way somebody with a sore throat just prattles on and on and on. So we made an executive decision for which we do not feel bad. After all, we didn’t send him home.

The three of us made our way to anther theater and we saw Star Wars Rogue One. Ben loves the AT-AT’s. He thinks that they are just awesome, although he wasn’t happy about a couple of them getting bombed and destroyed by X-Wings. I actually think that he was rooting for the Empire there.

Without giving away any plot spoilers, you should know that Rogue One takes place just days before Episode IV. In Fact, it’s the set up for Episode IV: A New Hope. It’s the story of how Princess Leia got her hands on the Death Star plans in the first place. And I have two things to say about it before I get the chance to sit down with John and really chat about the whole thing.

First, it’s long. Two hours and 14 minutes. Don’t get the extra-large soda. Listen to me… it’s very long.

Second, it’s very good. There are all kinds of homage’s and nods to Episode IV that you will catch or maybe you won’t. The story is pretty easy to follow although there could be some better description of the political aspects of the Alliance. Which as far as I can now see is NOT necessarily the Rebellion. The Alliance seems to politically oppose the Empire, but the Rebellion is a split and fractioned military/terrorist aspect of attacking the Empire either for political reasons or for financial gain.

That aside, Rogue One is very, very good. It has compelling and interesting characters and a great plot line. Like most SciFi, don’t think about the physics and science of it all, just enjoy the story.

Lastly, if there was any kind of anti-Trump message in the film, I didn’t get it or pick up on it. If you like Star Wars at all, you will enjoy this one.



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