The Ayatollah Threat

santa_1As if the universe wants to prove me correct, the Santa Story about the little 5 year old boy who’s dying wish was to see Santa Claus and then dies in his arms, turns out to be… wait for it… fake news! That’s right, the Santa Claus lied about the whole thing. Or at least he embellished a bit. Or maybe got a few “details” wrong.

But in a remarkable reaction, most people are more angry over the Texas Preacher who took it upon himself to tell kids at a local Mall that there is no Santa Claus than they are over the lies that the 78 year old former Army Ranger Santa Claus told. Oh… you didn’t know that he was a former Army Ranger too? People are screaming bloody murder at the guy who told their kids that Santa isn’t real, but are happy to have had a “feel good story” that “really captures” the spirit of Christmas even though it’s a fake news story.

Do you start to see why ending “fake news” isn’t going to be as easy as you hoped that it would be?

Remember that according to the Supreme Court, I can sit here and tell you that I earned a Medal of Honor and a Bronze Star with “V” during the 1st Gulf War while I saved an entire barracks full of soldiers from an Iraqi Scud missile attack by using my left hand on the nose of the missile to deflect it. As long as I don’t benefit financially from the story, it’s protected speech. I can even run for office and use that story as my background, it’s still protected speech. Even though it never happened and I do not have a Medal of Honor or a Bronze Star and it would be insulting to those who do to make such a fake claim. Under the 1st Amendment, I can still do so.

I can also tell you that I am a former US Army Ranger playing a Santa Claus and a precious little 5 year old boy died in my arms.

Even if the story “makes me feel good,” shouldn’t I still be a little bit offended by the whole thing? After all, Hillary Clinton told me that “fake news” is destroying the nation…

The State of California was just fine and dandy with “Federalism” as long as the Federal Government 121615_ayatolla-brown-copywas a progressive Administration. Now that it won’t be (supposedly), the State of California is coming unglued at the seams and doing things – or at least claiming that it will do things – that it opposed other States doing just a few years ago, because, “Federalism.” In addition to now proposing laws that will undercut Federal immigration laws and rules – ála Arizona – the State of California, led by the Ayatollah Jerry Brown, has declared that it will launch it’s own satellite. We all know that “launching a satellite” is an international euphemism for gaining nuclear weapons. So is California now claiming that it will build it’s own atomic rocket force capable of deterring the Evil Satan, the United States?

Seriously, it’s quite sad and pathetic to watch these aging hipsters declare that since they lost the election they will take their State and go after all the years of watching them try to inflict their version of a Socialist Workers Paradise on the rest of the country. But let me stay consistent and declare here and now, that there will be no #Calexit for the same reasons that there will be no State of Jefferson. As for taking their own path on the issues of Federalism, now we get to hear four to eight years of California Democrats lecturing us about the 9th and 10th Amendments. Which is funny because they have always ignored them in the past.

Remember kids – historical FACT – California did not ratify the 14th Amendment until May 6, 1959. So it’s nothing new for her to “go her own way…”



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  1. Regarding the Santa Story, I kept wondering why the child would not have been in the care of Emergency workers, or at least the parents during the last moments of their life, not a Santa or Easter Bunny, or even Mickey Mouse. And I’m anxious to see where a CalSat will launch and how they plan on getting it to a Geostationary Orbit, will it center over Southern or Northern California. Then will the spy photos that it takes over California residents protect the Privacy of the residents, or can a local agency be able to see in your private yard in real time when ever they wish? Something that is barred from happening with current Satellites, but that’s a Federal regulation, and California doesn’t need to comply with it. Just a few of my thoughts.


  2. I just wanted to thank you for this post, Dave.


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