Ending Fake News, Farming and Driving in California

_92276035_istock_19861919_mediumWhat if the actual definition of “Fake News” is not that the “news” in question is fake, per se, but rather that it is insulting or critical of the subject of the story? Seriously, by this point in time, if you cannot spot a “fake” news story, you pretty much have to have the brains of Jello®. So why all the hoopla over the fake news now? Is it because “fake news” cost Hillary Clinton the election? Of course not. Again, you’d have to be a dolt to believe that more than 60 Million people all fell for a meme. What if the real reason behind the attack on the 1st Amendment – remember, lying is in most cases protected by the 1st Amendment – is about silencing opposition? Is it really about politics or is there something a bit more nefarious at work here?

One of my biggest criticisms of the President-Elect is that he doesn’t seem to understand that a free press can pretty much say just about anything, as long as certain lines aren’t crossed. Criticism is legitimate in the press, as is parody on Saturday Night Live. In both cases, Trump has expressed his willingness to shut them both down and silence them. That scare me. And now in my copious free time reading, I discovered that there seems to be a movement by both public figures and companies to stop people from criticizing them online.

Now, if a big company or political figure were to stand up in public and say that we should just “stop it,” we would most likely laugh at them for being woefully ignorant of our rights and then proceed to roast them even more. But were they able to convince the Courts to force stoppage, it could become a different story altogether. So, we find now that many entities are suing posters of stories and particularly of comments, in a way not to get the comment deleted or earn any money, but to get Search Engine providers to deindex the original story, which may have been the real “problem” as they see it in the first place.

In today’s world, if the story becomes deindexed, how does it get shared, commented upon, liked, loved or even hated? The entity who claims to have been defamed can say that it was “fake news” and how would we ever know the difference? Look for a whole lot of claims of “fake news” over people expressing opinions.

Which the last time I checked (this morning) are protected speech under the Constitution.

In all the hoopla over former Governor of Texas Rick Perry being named as Trumps Energy Secretary, you probably missed this little article from the LA Times about California’s ongoing effort to commit itself to ending global climate change via ongoing efforts to destroy its own economy, despite little evidence that anything that California does will have even the smallest effect on the global climate. In fact, it’s more likely that California, allowed to “go it’s own way” on Climate issues, will eradicate farming in the State than it will in any way effect the planetary climate.

121416-ca-economyThink about that for a moment. There are those in this State who are not just willing, but almost eager to end farming here for the sole purpose of not changing the climate  whatsoever. If California loses farming – and I realize it’s a long shot, but it’s on the table – what happens to the State revenues? Before you exclaim about how devastating it would be, recall that several State Officials and Office Holders have already made the claim that Farming is a “small portion,” roughly 2%, of the States ToTaL revenues. Here in the Central Valley, where the two main crops are Almonds and Milk, what happens if the farming of the land is essentially ended? Moreover, what happens to those industries nationwide and worldwide? Wisconsin makes more money. At least until enough ex-Californians move there and change the culture in that State.

My main point is that the progressive moment in the California State Leadership, which has spent the last eight years promoting its vision of Federalism as being in lock step with a progressive Federal Government, is now rejecting the idea and charting its own course as if it were an independent nation. I am starting to believe that one of the biggest issues that President Trump may face is a Constitutional Crises over whether or not California can deny the Federal Governments supremacy and in essence, invalidate the election results by simply refusing to go along with them. And if farming is the sacrifice to gets its way, believe me, Sacramento is prepared to send farming, mining and oil production right into the abyss, believing that all the other elements of the economy will compensate for the “small” loss to her revenues.

By the by, the same State Legislature that is trying to end farming in California, is desperately trying to keep its beloved High Speed Rail System alive. In case you missed it, the CAHSR is on life support with no funding to speak of, no actual plan to build, no land to actually plan to build upon, and a highly questionable system to bid out contracts to build the system, assuming all the other problems can be overcome. Now that State Legislature has a plan to fund the bonds that were supposed to pay for this boondoggle. Californians pay a “gas tax” per gallon, on top of sales tax and Federal Gas tax, in order to fund road projects in the State. Now the idea has been presented to use $19.5 Billion of that gas tax money to, you guessed it, fund the CAHSR bonds. In other words, not the roads for which we paid the tax in the first place. A bill has been introduced by a minority member to prevent this, but remember that the Democrats have a 2/3rds Majority and that elections have consequences. And that Democrat supermajority has already been clear that they want you to stop driving and ride their dangerous and expensive train…



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  1. The City and County of Honolulu proposed building a 26-mile steel on steel elevated rail system. The projected cost was $4.5B funded by a .05% increase in the excise tax and federal funding. After collecting the tax for six years and federal funding coming in at about 40% of initial projections (Dan Inouye died), the rail system has ten miles completed and current estimates are that the entire cost of the project will exceed $10B. With no additional federal funding, the politicians are jumping through their rectums trying to come up with methods to complete the system.


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