Trump IS a Politician

Back in 2014 I was honored to go along on the Central Valley Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. We covered it on the show at the time, and it was really an amazing three days. Spending that time with World War II, Korea and Vietnam Vets was an incredible experience. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak to the Modesto Chapter (Major Hugh Moss) of the Daughters of the American Revolution about that experience with CV Honor Flight. Today’s audio is the speech I gave to the DAR folks on November 12th of this year.

The Central Valley Honor Flight is continuing to provide these trips and expanding them to Korean war and Vietnam war Veterans. They also are still looking for a Corporate Sponsor. It is 100% funded by donations, and every dollar helps. Please think about it as the year comes to an end and you need that last minute tax deduction. The CV Honor Flight could sure put that money to great use!

I did not vote for Trump (or Clinton), but I have been telling you for more than a year that he is not a conservative. Period. If you voted for him thinking that you were going to get the second coming of Reagan, I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. The man’s entire CV has been one gigantic celebration of opportunism, not conviction (for the record, so has Hillary Clinton’s life been).

So if you’re upset that he is not going to “Lock Her Up,” it can only be because you forgot the first rule of politicians: Everything they say is a lie. If you actually believed him when he said that he would “lock her up,” then there is almost nothing that I can do to help you.

Donald Trump is a politician. Politicians say things they don’t mean. Like “I support the 2nd Amendment” and “You can keep your Doctor.” They know that these things are lies, but they want you to like them. They also know that if they tell you the truth, you won’t vote for them. So, they tell you what they think that you want to hear.

And for reasons that I cannot even began to fathom, some of you believed him.

Oh, by the by, he also now has “An Open Mind On Climate Change.”

Speaking of Climate Change, a “new peer reviewed study” claims that a Majority of Scientists are Skeptical of Global Warming Crises. This is a great example of how the news media is both biased and confusing the public. This particular article will never be accepted by the left, while the right will tout it from the hilltops. At the end of the day, how do YOU decide who is telling the truth? The Ice is record setting or the ice is at the lowest point ever? How would you or I actually know? Saying “Know your source” is kind of a wash, because you’re dealing with “peer reviewed” scientific organizations. Short of going to the Arctic or Antarctic to see for myself, how can I really know what I am being told is correct? Even if I went there and looked for myself, what would I see that convinces me either way?

The homogeneous media can report virtually anything it wants under the banner, “Scientists Say…” and how do you or I dispute it? In the case of counter-Global Warming articles, we are quickly informed that these are “the wrong kind” of scientists or that their funding comes from sources hell-bent on burning the Earth to death. At the end of the day, how do each of us decide whom we will believe?

The answer is actually easier than you might think. It’s called, “the confirmation bias.” We believe the sources that support our already arrived at conclusions and reject those that do not. By the by, before you get mad, it works both ways. Global Warming supporters just as easily dismiss counter arguments (and add the condemnation of them) as doubters do pro-warming information.

The US Navy has had its share of black eyes recently. The LCS/Frigate program is a disaster and now the brand new “Destroyer” (it weighs 14,000 tons) which cannot shoot its guns because the rounds cost almost a million bucks a shot, broke down in the middle of the Panama Canal. She had to be towed to the former Navy Base down there, where the crew is trying to repair her enough to get to San Diego. Look, it’s a cool ship, but the Arleigh Burkes are proven and much, much, much, much cheaper.

img_3618We are getting to the point where not even Saturday Night Live can make a joke anymore. How sad is our society becoming when jokes are “micro-aggressions” or “offensive?” As my good buddy Brian Brawdy said on his show yesterday, “Only the offendable can be offended. Think about it…”

The suspect who killed a San Antonio Police Officer got married while the police were looking for him. I have no idea what was going through his head to have killed an Officer and then married his significant other. It’s hard to even imagine how this will be explained.

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  1. Dave, your comments on Trump are spot-on. I have never believed a single word that ANY politician has offered. I don’t necessarily believe them to be actively lying, but specifically in the case of the Presidency, I think they simply don’t know what’s going on that will stop them from, oh, let’s say release prisoners from Gitmo in the first 100 days. This kind of promise in unrealistic and most people don’t know it, not even the candidate…until perhaps their first White House briefing.

    Anyway, If I were a “Republican” President-elect in today’s climate, I’d be trying to appear neutral on as many subjects as possible in an attempt to keep the current Senate from setting up roadblocks that will impede my real plan.

    NO. Trump is not the next best thing to sliced bread, but he is the next best thing to Hillary and I’ll take it.

    If it means only that things will stand still for 4 years, that will still have been a better choice than the alternative.

    Not to mention that I am glad the basement dwellers got a hard body check against the wall and are learning that, in real life, people don’t get trophies for losing no matter how much they demand it.

    You and I are just about the same age and if you grew up anything like I did, our comfort zone was a whole lot less stable than these kids can even imagine and we knew all along that participation awards combined with a lack of corporal punishment would result in something like we are seeing today.

    Truth is, though, I never imagined it would be so pervasive.nationally. I guess I hoped it was just California.

    Keep it up!


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