Get Over It

I suppose that it’s de rigueur for the political right to be angered over the message that the cast of Hamilton had for VP-Elect Pence on Friday night. Sorry… I’m not feeling it.

This is America. Politicians go out in public. The public, regardless of profession, get to say whatever they want to them. It’s called “Free Speech.” Are there potential consequences? Of course. I’m certain that there are people who will now not buy tickets to see Hamilton. Conversely there are also people who now will buy tickets to see the show.

groucho-marx-duck-soup-e1434598275998The statement made by the cast member was hardly the stuff of legend. It wasn’t really all that tough or biting. It wasn’t as rude as what Groucho Marx had to say to Calvin Coolidge. If I were to take the time and go through the history of Actors and performers saying rude things to politicians I wouldn’t get anything done for at least a week.

For whatever it matters, VP-Elect Pence didn’t seem bothered by it at all, and other than an obvious trolling om twitter (I told you he would be… interesting) by the President-Elect, the whole tempest seems to be over.

But in the future, if the Political Right doesn’t know by now that most actors are hard left progressives, unlikely to cheer them, then they are ToTaLly out of touch with reality.

The idea of protecting politicians from words should be laughable, but instead is sadly predictable in a world where people need “safe spaces” and to be protected from “micro-aggression.” Think about it… here we are, the greatest, most powerful country on Earth in the midst of at least two wars (probably four) and in the process of changing power in government and we’re talking about actors saying things to politicians.

Speaking of those wars, none of which are actually “over,” despite a politicians proclamation, the arrival home of one our fallen soldiers seemed to cause some resentment among some passengers aboard an aeroplane in Phoenix. Aboard the plane was the family of a soldier killed in last weeks terrorist attack in Kabul, travelling to Dover to receive his remains. The planes Captain asked the passengers to allow the Gold Star Family to disembark first, several of them responded with boos and hissing. But you can be upset about an actor reading a statement to the VP-Elect.

Over the weekend two four more Police Officers were attacked in ambush style. One of the officers survived, although he is in critical condition. Obviously there are a great number of opinions and emotions making the rounds, but it is becoming clear that there is a group of people who believe that Police Officers have become targets of opportunity. Ultimately, what will be the response? Police are already nervous and in situations that might be less than they appear accidents may happen, thus escalating the violence. So… what’s the solution? How do you convince a group of terrorists that they mission and goal is invalid?

There’s a good deal of complaint this morning over the idea of Trump’s son possibly being in the Administration. Get over it. This has been going on since the Founders.  

The WHO has declared the Zika Emergency “Over.” That’s it, that’s the whole story. The “emergency” is over. On a serious note, I feel like the WHO was disappointed that the Zika never became an all-out panic the way the Ebola did. Somehow birth defects aren’t as scary as having your insides melted away. Plus Zika never had nationally syndicated Chat Show Hosts stirring the fears and then telling the Director of the CDC that they were “wrong” about the virus on the air. Not dropping any names, but it rhymed with “Sean Hannity.” Zika never got that respect. Well.. onto the next scary sounding panic inducing disease that won’t destroy all of humanity…

Remember the arguments that Democrats put forward over whether or not Merrick Garland should get an up or down vote for his nomination to the Supreme Court? Basically their point was that elections have consequences, Obama won and was still President, deal with it and give the President elected by the people the vote on his nominee. It was the “fair” thing to do. Now, President Obama has decided to put restrictions in place on Arctic Oil drilling. These restrictions are automatically in place until 2022.

Pretty much the biggest business in America these days is government. It kind of reminds me of the folks in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy who cleaned telephones. We now have so many government workers doing so many things that have been deemed “necessary,” that we are running out of ways to pay for it all. In Los Angeles, retiree costs are now consuming 20% of the City Budget. The controls put in place to help won’t take effect for many years (Can Kicking 101) and nobody knows what to do except demand even more money from the taxpayers. No matter how much your City claims that it is on top of the issue, this is threatening every City in California (if not the country), Cities, as it turns out, cannot just print more money. All they can do is borrow it (bonds) or get more money elsewhere. Either way, the taxpayer of the metropolis is on the hook for the money.

You are no doubt seeing a great number of memes and articles about “absentee ballots” not being counted. Of course the articles always claim (with no evidence being sourced) that the uncounted ballots will favor their candidate or position. A quick review of the various laws about absentee ballots will show you that is untrue, as long as the ballot is received by the designated deadline (usually close of the polls in election night). In California, the Legislature has gone even further, allowing up to three days after the election for a ballot to be received, as long as it is postmarked by Election Day. Furthermore, in some Counties, Election officials are allowed to contact mail/absentee voters if there is a problem with their ballot. Here in the Golden State, as elsewhere, the cost of the Election is by County, which means that cash strapped Counties have to find a way to staff up to count the ballots. Which is the primary reason that it takes so long to count ballots. Because EVERY BALLOT gets counted.

It’s raining now, but the summer is coming. And there are now 102 Million dead trees uncleared in the State of California. That’s a whole lot of fuel for fires.

In the middle of November, 1916, the Battle of the Somme was drawing to a close. The Allies final advance gained a thousand yards. Over the last five months of the war, the ToTaL cost in human lives is 277 men per minute. Just under five men killed per second. We have no concept of what war is. 



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  1. We need you to be heard by more!! Excellent article.


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