Boycott Chili’s?

Okay, let’s move on to some other things today.

chilis-logoBy now, pretty much everybody has heard about the Chili’s manager who decided that veteran to whom he had just served a free Veterans Day meal wasn’t really a veteran and instead of just blowing it off, he very publicly and on video took the meal away from the veteran. Depending on whose version you believe, the Manager was egged on to make this decision by a “Trump Shirt Wearing WWII Vet who said that there weren’t any black soldiers during WWII,” or there are legitimate questions about the mans credentials as a veteran.

I have no real idea if the man is a veteran or not, nor do I really care. There are some things in the video that make me question his story, but at the end of the day it really isn’t up to me. The Manager has been relieved by Chili’s, at least for the moment, but as you watch this video see if you get a similar feeling to what I am getting. In the end he probably would have been better off just letting it go, but is he really in the wrong here?

(This is where I am going to step on toes)

Look, I’m a veteran. Hell, I’m a disabled veteran. Literally nothing makes me more uncomfortable than the idea of going into a business and demanding something for free because I’m a veteran. It is nekulturny* and just…. icky. Sure, there have been a few occasions when my veteran status has gotten me a good discount or a freebie. But – and I want this made clear – I NEVER asked for it. Usually it’s when I pay with our USAA card and then I get asked if I am Vet. Or I have on my SubVets or USS Michigan hat.

I’m proud of my service. Damn proud. If you know me or listen to me at all you already know that. But there is just something about the presumption of free meals based on that service which really, really bothers me. True story, for the past few years, I don’t even go out on Veterans Day. Not since the good old days at Modesto Hobby & Craft, anyway.

The video in the story really makes me uncomfortable. He uses language to describe things that I don’t use, and I know of no other veterans who describe certain documents in this way. We don’t wear “surplus” store bought uniforms to prove that we are Vets. I wear them because they are comfortable and they fit well. His insistence that he is legit is what makes me wonder if he really is legit. If he is legit, the video makes me feel embarrassed for him. Most Vets I know would have said F**k it and left.

There are two issues here. First, if the man faked his status and got caught, did the manager do the right thing? Conversely, if he was telling the truth and the manager screwed up, was it really worth all of this?

Am I right about this? Am I alone in feeling this way? Vets are “outraged” and pledging boycotts of Chili’s, which I would support if it were shown to be correct, but frankly I really like Chili’s.

You can always tell me what you think on the text/voicemail machine (209) 565-DAVE or by eMail or even on Facebook.

Even Nancy Pelosi is feeling the heat, being described as “angry” when the Party postponed its Leadership Election. There is no serious belief that she’ll be out as Minority Leader, but the expectation of privileged isn’t just a Hillary Clinton characteristic.

By the by, the reports of Clinton’s anger on Election night are starting to surface. It also seems she had quite the blow up with Bill a few days before the election. These reports strike me as someone who is basically unhinged when she doesn’t get her way. Not really somebody I’d want with the Atomic Football.

If you want to know what will actually happen on December 19th, and in the following days, here is a quite excellent primer on the procedures.


 *the best Russian word ever. It literally means “uncultured,” but it has a deeper implication of being uncouth in a way that uncouth doesn’t really capture.


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