A Community in Mourning (UPDATED 11/15)

I spent about two hours yesterday evening writing a brilliant (IISSM) piece about the so-called “popular vote” and why it doesn’t matter.  I had numbers and percentages and spreadsheets and all kinds of vote counts – none of which are the same – and a bunch of logic that showed that claiming that Candidate A won the popular vote can’t actually be proven to matter.

Literally. Two hours I spent writing that blog entry. I still have it, a page away from this one, where it will remain unseen and unpublished. Why? Because of one simple fact that cannot be changed:

The popular vote does not now and has never mattered. Period.

The people on my social media feeds who are calling for the electoral College to be demolished aren’t ignorant. They understand that it does something that the Framers thought important, but they have no idea what that is. Even as they admit that the biggest divide in the country surprised them.

Saying that a given Candidate won it, is akin to saying the Broncos won the 1st Quarter. Does a Candidate need votes? Yep. But how many isn’t as important as where they come from. That’s the system the Framers set up and it has served us well for more than two hundred years. Some have called for some practical changes to the Electoral College, I’ll  get into those tomorrow.

Oh you don’t like the Electoral College? Fine. Change it. Get 2/3rd’s of the Congress to approve the amendment, the President (who was elected by it) to sign it and 3/4th’s of the States to ratify it. Presto! You can have your “popular vote” and pure democracy.

Of course, “having a thing is not so pleasurable as wanting a thing. It is not logical, but it is often true…”

Meanwhile, the idiots screeching for “#Calexit” might want to have a talk with their actual government officials, who are hell bent on bringing MORE Federal troops and money into the State. You cannot have both. Actually you can’t have #Calexit anyway, but for the moment, you cannot have both more Federal money AND your own “country.”

14980572_10210458190547531_3839335123464267481_nToday our Central Valley community is still in shock as we mourn the execution of one of our local Sherriff’s Deputies. There are many questions as to why someone could do such a thing as this, questions to which we will never have a satisfactory answer. As the Bee’s Jeff Jardine writes, the killers just don’t care. Of course that is true of all killers, not just cop-killers.

But there is an element of this story about which I wish we had more information – the capture of the suspect. Lindsay Police, on foot, capture the suspect in an alley. Think about that for a moment. They corner a suspect who is probably armed and has already executed a police officer. Lindsay isn’t a very big town folks, I can’t imagine that they have millions of dollars worth of militarized gear. They corner him in an alley and without anyone getting hurt, they capture him. It sounds simple, but I am pretty sure that it wasn’t as easy as the paper makes it sound. UPDATE: Ask and you shall receive…

So what now? The suspect will be returned here, be arraigned, stand trial, no doubt demand a new venue for the trial, and assuming that he eventually takes a plea deal to avoid California’s Not-Death-Penalty, in about four years we should see and hear the last of him. The bigger questions remain.

By now you will know the suspect is white, which will make for more than a few interesting discussions and draw comparisons, specifically as to why he is not dead already. Putting aside the point that even suspects have rights, we are left to look at the entirety of the situation and ask ourselves why the violence continues? In what warped and disturbed viewpoint is a stolen car – by the by, a “non-non-non” in California – is worth the life of any human being? He didn’t shoot the carjacking victim nor the lady whose purse he tried to steal. So what made the Deputy worth it in his mind?

We may never know. and that is the hardest part of all, isn’t it?



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