The Sun Came Up Today

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have been dead wrong about the defeat of Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t mean that I am thrilled about Trump, about whom I still have deep Constitutional concerns, but it is a good thing to stop a progressive crime boss hell bent on making America bend its knee to a radical progressive agenda designed to eliminate liberty and freedom of thought, association and speech. 

There are, however, some thoughts I have regarding the whole election. Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to write the blog for today. I had a message and a goal with what I wrote. Of course, it was written from the perspective of a Clinton win, which about the middle of last night went out with a John Podesta not-a-speech and an rapidly emptying ballroom.

I want to say this, what I wrote yesterday (below) still applies, and it is still what I want to say this morning. Just perhaps with a little less… gloom? I still do not believe that Trump will be a great President. Two reasons, one, it isn’t in his nature to put country (or county?) before himself. But more importantly, for the last eight years we’ve been told about how “obstructionist” the GOP is. You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you think that the leftists are just gonna roll over and quit, stand by. The COWS people will be back full full force, the BLM people will be loud and upfront. It will make a GOP filibuster of a Circuit Court Judge look like kindergarten. The press will be just as savage, all while claiming to once again be the 4th Estate. “Look at how we are bringing down a bad President that we hate. Again!”

So before I re-edit what I said in the original piece I wrote, let me add one more thing that just has me pissed off about last night and today. Van Jones, yes, that Van Jones, went on TV last night nearly crying about how he was supposed to tell his children about this at breakfast. He actually said that people who voted Clinton are “afraid” of breakfast today. This was echoed by nearly every hard left friend I have, using virtually the same words. I don’t usually say things like this, but this one needs to be said. It’s a bitch slap of truth, but those of you repeating this nonsense need it:

If your children are “scared” about this elections results, it’s because YOU scared them.

Instead of whining about breakfast and crying about needing some sort of Safe Space nook, man up and tell your kids you don’t always win. It’s time for you to finally understand that basically half the people you know, half the people in the country and half the people your kids will ever meet, disagree with you. Deal with it, cupcake. If you couldn’t handle being a Dodgers fan in NorCal, you shouldn’t be telling your little children about what scares YOU. You’re raising politically correct cowards who won’t have the ability to think or stand up for themselves. And it’s YOUR fault. So go eat breakfast and talk to your kids about your values and their day ahead of them and school stuff and Paw Patrol. They’re too young to vote or care about it all anyway.

Now then, here is what I had wrote yesterday that still applies…

Take a few deep breaths and then stay with me here. I want you to step back for a moment and just think about some things.

First off, did the Sun come up this morning? (Hint: Yes, it did) Second, are you breathing? (Hint: Yes, you are) Thirdly, do you still have your health and your job or family or life in general? (Hint: Yes, you do)

What is really scaring people today isn’t what happened last night. It’s the future, or as Shakespeare put it in Start Trek VI, what is feared is the “Undiscovered Country.” We all have an idea of what the new President will do, but the truth is that nobody knows for certain what will happen. Eight years ago it looked as if the left had achieved everything of which it had ever dreamed. But things didn’t quite work out that way, did they?

In two short years (believe me, the re-election campaigns have already begun) we will watch as the pendulum swings the other way and as almost always happens, the President sees the midterms go against them. It happened to Obama, it happened to Reagan. It will happen again.

Why? Because our government is no longer about governing for the good of the nation, but for the good of re-election and the maintenance of power. Unlike Paul Simon, our lack of education has hurt us dearly. Our citizens have been duped and misled by people who claim to be all about their safety and “for them,” while seeking to expand government influence and personal power.

So really, absolutely nothing has changed since yesterday. Nothing at all, except which politician will continue the pursuit of power.

As I look to the future, what is it that scares me?

The concept of continual war without ever having declared such. Conceptually I don’t have an issue with a long war. In the lexicon of combat, both sides have to agree that the war is over, and the fact is that those who fight against us today have not done so and will not do so until they are utterly exterminated. But, the process by which we are doing this war is designed to make us numb to the idea and at the same time ignorant of what is actually going on.

We have absolutely no concept of what war is. We think that it’s a video game, with cool technology and virtually unbeatable soldiers and equipment.

50e39f35f2d6bb0ce3e898af30c8f2c8It’s not. It’s messy, destructive and deadly on a scale which we cannot even comprehend. World War II has faded into our past and into our films without the stench of the dead bodies and the ovens ever touching our nostrils. Somalia is some far away place where hunger and pestilence is a movie plot, not a daily reality. Syria is some dry desert where people have bickered for thousands of years over whose deity is better. We see moving pictures of children wounded and we send a dollar or two to “help out,” while our government prints millions of dollars that we will have to pay for to keep the conflict going because it hasn’t ended the way we want it to end, with the right despot in power.

Folks, I am a Cold Warrior. I believe that you fight to defend liberty, to defend your home. To defend the weak from the tyrants. Yes, I do believe that. I’m the hawk here. We have been blessed as a nation with power unimagined in the annals of history, and a responsibility to stand for the right. Today, it is so unclear as to what is right, that sending our troops and our prestige invites failure and embarrassment.

I have never been shot at, or had a bomb dropped on my head. I have been awakened in the middle of the night and handed a message to re-target and strike by TDD. And for ten nauseating, stomach churning minutes, I had no idea if it was real or a drill. Later, after the drill was done, I had to throw up to relive the tension in my belly.

I fear what we are leaving for my son, Ben. I would be proud to have him serve as I did, as his great-grandfather and his fathers before him did. But what make me sick to my stomach is the idea that all of that service could be for nothing. For what are we sending our nations treasure, it’s future – our men and women – into combat today? Can anybody seriously explain to me the actual threat to national security in Aleppo?

I wish that I had more time to spend in these

I wish that I had more time to spend in these

If I had my way, I would slip away from all of this and bury myself in the study of Torah. Frankly, I find so much peace and relief in the pages of the Torah and the Talmudic masters. New ways of thinking and seeing things that I have questioned all my life give me hope and remind me that G-d is still G-d. As a friend of mine likes to say, “The sky is still the sky, the Earth is still the Earth.” Nothing any politician can do will ever change those truths.

If only I could have my way. But obviously, I cant.

I like to be pedantic with people all the time when they talk about “our democracy.” I am one of those people who like to point out that it’s a republic, not a democracy. But the sad truth is that we no longer live in a republic. Both sides have done the damage and allowed the changes to happen to the img_3487point where those of us who cry “Constitution,” once the battle cry of this country, are looked upon as the “radicals” and the “crazies.” After all, the Constitution isn’t “fair.”

We have moved beyond the republic and into the era of social-democracy. A nation where laws are now so voluminous that literally nobody can know them all; yet whether or not those with power and money “intended” to break the law becomes the point of judgment. Where the government picks the winners and losers in a controlled economy and “levels the playing field” by tilting it in favor of those who please it.

Is there any chance of saving the republic, of restoring the revolution?

Hard question. Intellectually I believe that there is not. We are too far gone, too unwilling to accept historical truths that it is not likely that a republic will be seen for many generations.

But here’s the thing, I cannot give up hope or stop trying.

Why not? This will sound ridiculous to most of you, frankly, I don’t really give a rats behind. It’s true, and that’s what matters to me.

Most of you know that I converted to Judaism in 2008 after a lifetime – including seven years as an ordained minister – of trying to resolve my own theological issues. I have always said this to people who question me about it: for whatever reason, this is the path that G-d had to put me on in order to find my relationship with Him. I don’t expect or believe that He will put you through the same course.

In the same way, and most likely for the same reasons, I was given a mission a learning and sharing what I learned about the Constitution and the history of how we got here. I don’t expect that you have to be or even need to be on the same path. But if you are, you will understand. My mission will continue to be to look at what is happening and why and to contrast it with what should be happening and why.

The sun came up this morning, and virtually nothing has changed. We still fear the future even as we have nothing but the worst case ideas of what it will be.

But we do have the past to teach us and our faith to guide us.

And on this new day, we can start to walk that path with renewed determination and vigor.



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