Four More Years…

Short notes today. Ben has his 1st Grade Parent Teacher Conferences today, and I guess they go Alphabetically, because we’re got the earliest time slot!

iSports have always been a metaphor for how things are going in life. So here we finally get a decent game going on Monday Night Football, and the officials completely screw it up. I am not sure how they did it, because frankly over the course of a couple of minutes they got everything wrong. Everything. Instead of stopping and thinking, they just kept pushing forward with the mistakes. Then they came up with a ridiculous “fix” that normally would never have happened, then they screwed that up again. Next thing you know, we’re not talking about a good game, we’re talking about the officials.

By tonight, we’ll either be talking about the biggest game in the country or the officials who screwed it up. It really kind of depends on which side you’re on. Since I believe that Clinton is going to win (and big), you can already hear the GOP elites tomorrow whining about how they will need “super delegates” in the future to prevent another Trump. If somehow Trump wins, you can hear the Democrats talking about how they need more laws to protect “cyber-privacy.” Either way, we’re set up for another four years of “the same g-ddamned nonsense” (David Brinkley, 1996). Because neither of these two candidates are going to move the country in a direction that maintains the Republic.

Please go and Vote. It’s what virtuous and engaged citizens do. If you want term limits for Congress, today is the term limit. If you want to overturn the Death Penalty in California, today is the day. If you want to give local governments more of your money to provide “services,” today is the day.

Vote loud and vote proud.

Starting tomorrow, we get to complain all over again!



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