She HAS To Know…

I am finally getting around to the point where I can reach the floor, and with my wife’s help I have managed to get the studio almost back into a functioning order. For the past nine months it has pretty much been the place where everything got put that nobody knew where else to put because Dave couldn’t move much. I’ve also ordered more soundproofing materials and have a plan to get them installed next week. We are getting closer!

world-series-game-7-cubs-indians-prediction-preview-pick-to-winLast nights game… Best. World. Series. Ever. It was as if the Baseball gods were going to drain every last bit of emotion and passion out of Cubs and Indians fans. I’ll admit it, I was happy when Davis hit the Home Run in the 8th. Whether Chapman was happy or not is another matter, but it was great for baseball. And that is the most important thing. My team – and your team – could not and would not have put on such a performance that captivated the entire country. The Cubs and the Indians did. And it was one for the ages.

Had a rather engaged conversation yesterday with my Cousin, Rob(b), who lives in another State that leans Democrat but still complains about the influence of Californians moving there (not Texas). It is interesting to me how many people who are really starting to realize that this country has become a mad house.

Once upon a time nobody hesitated to call crazy people crazy. Not in a bad way, but when someone had weird ideas or behaved in an outrageous manner, we presumed that they were basically circus freaks doing circus freak things. So did they, for the most part.

But somewhere along the way, the abnormal came to demand, not ask, not expect, not to be seen as, but to demand that it be accepted as the norm. Then, when that most people didn’t just roll over and say, “Okay, sure,” the abnormal began to use the power of the law to promote “fairness” and force everybody to accept abnormal as normal.

Now days if you see the Emperor being abnormal the one thing that you absolutely cannot do, is say something. If you do, you’re the racist, bigot, homophobe or whatever who hates, rather then the normal person who is pointing out the absurd.

Dozens of stories and posts this morning about the FBI and insider Washington revolt that will definitely, no doubt about it, no questions whatsoever, lead to the indictment of Hillary Clinton.  Before you repost the story in its many variants, ask yourself a question: How many times have you seen the headline: “This Will End Clinton” in say, the last year? Has it ever?

So why does Hillary even want to be President? No, I’m serious. She HAS to know that it isn’t going to be Camelot. Heck, Camelot wasn’t even Camelot. Even George Washington ended up quitting over the press criticism he was getting and the “dirty politics” of those who opposed him. This isn’t going to be four years of her steamrolling her agenda into the mouths of the American people. If she really is the “smartest women in America,” she HAS to know that. So… seriously, why would she even want the job in the first place?

"Just a Campaign Staffer"

“Just a Campaign Staffer”

For those who work closely with her, they have to know that she has no loyalty to them, unless they can provide her with or do something for her that benefits her run for power. Once they fail in that task, she’ll dump them under the bus so fast they won’t know what hit them. Even the mighty and powerful Huma Abedin is now “just a campaign staffer.”

Those who are voting for her may believe that she is going to serve them, but is that really the Clinton modis operandi? Do they have a history of service? Or of being served?

Hillary HAS to know all of this. She watched what happened to Bill, and whether you agreed with him or not, the fact is that Bill has a very engaging personality. I’ve met him. I’m telling you, he has a way of making every person in the room feel like he knows you and he is only there because he wants to spend time with you. Look what happened during his Presidency. Hillary HAS to know this.

Obama had two full years of complete and utter control of the government. White House, Senate, House. What did he accomplish? A “signature” piece of legislation that he had to buy with kickbacks and watered down sections that still barely passed on reconciliation and then cost him the power to do anything else except issue Executive Orders which, despite the press, keep losing in the Courts. Hillary HAS to know this.

I don’t really understand why Trump wants it either, but in Hillary’s case, she HAS to know that she is – to borrow a phrase – “a lightning rod for controversy.” She HAS to know that close to half of all of America doesn’t just disagree with her and her rather totalitarian views, close to half the country outright hates her. And it’s not because she’s a “powerful woman.” It’s because they see the condescension and arrogance. They saw the videos of Saddam Hussein patting children on the head and they know when there’s a dog and pony show going on.

Lincoln said it best, you can fool some of the people all of the time, which explains her base. At the end of the day though, you cannot fool all of the people. So why do you believe she even wants to be President, knowing that it is more likely than not going to destroy her. Whether physically, emotionally or even criminally, she will be roasted at the end of the first term. And things are not going to get better, so what will she point to for reasons to keep her in power?

I have my own belief as to why she wants the office, and it comes from my soliloquy above. I believe that she, like all progressives, wants to use the force of government to compel people to accept her solutions to perceived social problems invented or exacerbated for the sole purpose of justifying government intervention and control. A classic “liberal” believes in a more freedom based agenda. To paraphrase Jefferson, what difference does it make if my neighbor pretends to be a woman when he’s a man. It does me no harm. But in Hillary’s eyes, the fact that I don’t accept the abnormal as normal means that government has to MAKE me accept it.

That is not “democracy.” It is it not even a “republic.” It’s flat out totalitarianism.

And why do people who want a totalitarian government want to be in power? It has nothing to do with wanting to “help people” or to “serve people,” does it?

“If the time comes when our citizens fail to respond to their right and duty, individually and collectively, intelligently and effectively at the ballot box on election day, I do not know what form of government will be substituted for that which we at present have the opportunity to enjoy, but I do know it will no longer be a rule of the people, it will no longer be self-government. The people of our country are sovereign. If they do not vote they abdicate that sovereignty . . . .” – Calvin Coolidge



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  1. Is there any actual concern about Huma and possible ties to radical Islam? I mean, I see a lot of damning posts from questionable sources, but nothing I would believe unless it is backed up with something more substantial.


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