Standing Rock = Bunkerville

CubsRegardless of whether or not my team – or your team – is in it, this has been one of the best World Series’ ever. In fact, and I say this as a pretty hardcore Dodgers fan – this Series is better because my team – and frankly most of ya’ll’s team – isn’t in it. The compelling story of two teams long regarded as losers and/or cursed, managed by the two best managers in the entire game, with the shadow of Buck Showater’s tragic mistake hanging over them has made for interesting moves, strategies and discussion. Far beyond what we would normally get.

Many insiders have now admitted that from a pure baseball pleasure and from a financial position of all of MLB considered, it would be better for the Indians to win tonight. There was a reason that the movie, Major League, was set in Cleveland, and it wasn’t because of the long and rich tradition of winning Cleveland baseball. The Indians are every bit the snake bit franchise the Cubs are, but without the soft blue unis, the little cub logo and the lush green ivy of Wrigley Field. For much of the last Century they played in the old Cleveland Stadium – a well known cemetery of a ball park – so bad that it wasn’t even used in the film.

I know this much as a baseball fan – there is no way the Dodgers (or the Giants) could have provided this much interest or entertainment over the course of a seven game series. This might very well go down – depending on how tonight goes – as the “perfect” World Series. And I hope that it does.

Now that my ballot is gone, I find myself free to really notice that I am ignoring political ads. I thought that I wasn’t, but now I realize that I actually am. There have been a few articles and comments about the dearth of political advertising in general. But there might be more factors at play here.

A texter this morning reminded me that he has noticed fewer yard signs and stickers, particularly for the Presidential race. I have seen zero signs for the Senate race, very few for the State Senate race, lots for my local Assembly Race, and tons for Ballot Props. But he’s correct, very few for the Presidential race. Why?

For starters, there are the ubiquitous videos of pics of the ever tolerant leftists taking matters into their own hands and destroying what Trump signage is out there. Then you get the cars being keyed and other tolerant acts of destruction. At the same time, outside the bay area I’ve seen very few Clinton stickers and signage, either. Why not? Could it be as simple as the realization that while somebody might vote for one of these two losers because they feel like they have to, they really don’t want anybody to know or to associate themselves with them?

Even for that, there is less political advertising on the airwaves. I think that the reason for that is much more interesting and shows a tidal shift in how Americans get and process information. The simple truth is that we no longer look to TV and radio for “information.” We see them as “entertainment.” Not all of it, I get that, but as a general US population. Most Americans – even chat show hosts and Newsreaders – get their stories and influence from…. the Interwebs! I have noticed an unholy amount of political advertising, some subtle, some not, on the web. And with all the political discussion on Facebook, it is literally a gigantic free platform for political ads. So why pay for them on the air?

The Interwebs of course, comes with it’s own set of problems and challenges. Nobody really “oversees” the interwebs, meaning that show hosts who fail to do any research at all (nothing really new, here) can end up with egg on their face. Like Sean Hannity using the Michelle Obama deleting tweets story.

Here is my rule for information: if it sounds good, it probably isn’t.

The web is full of people of nefarious characters who want to make you look stupid. And before you tell me that never happened on TV or radio, remember the Asiana Air crash at San Francisco a few years back and the idiot producer who had his airhead blonde read the “FAA Confirmed” names of the crew of the air? Remember all the “prank” calls we used to get from people who thought it was “funny” to confuse a host on the air?

One of my favorite history teachers says that when you look at something, if everything you read or hear agrees with you, then one of two things is true. Either you haven’t read or heard everything about it or you read it/heard it wrong. The same is true when it comes to interwebs stories and articles

Know your source. For those of you on the political right, Sean Hannity is not a good one. But always know your source. Are there multiple reliable sources, or just one? How are reliable sources that I don’t like reporting this? Ask yourself “How likely is this story?” What else would have to be true for this story to be true? Is that also likely? Consider alternative interpretations. How would my political opponents see this exact same story?

If you personally cannot confirm a story and its source – it most likely isn’t true. And since there is no prize for being the first person to post something, isn’t it better to be right than quick?

Which brings me to the Standing Rock fiasco. You will – if you are my friend on Facebook – have noticed that while many of my friends, family and acquaintances have “checked in” at Standing Rock to show their support for the protests going on in that god forsaken corner of the plains. How much of what is going on did they bother to look at before the posted that they were “standing with” the Standing Rock protesters?

DefendLook, people in the United States have a right to peaceably assembly and air their grievances. I have no issue with that whatsoever. I do have an issue with people who re-write history and geography to support their protests. Think back – if you will – to a man named Cliven Bundy. He turned out to be not just a pathological liar, but a basic thief who clothed himself in “Constitution” and “G-d,” neither of which as it turned out, did he really understand. Enabled by media and internet, Bunkerville became a focal point for protest against the government. All without understanding exactly what it was that being supported or even protested.

Now, the very same kinds of people who said that the Bunkerville protestor had no right to do so, are supporting the Standing Rock protesters right to do so. With the exact same lack of facts and information, misleading data and tons upon tons of “Facebook” reports, none of which are or can be confirmed as facts. Remember – if everything you read or hear agrees with your position, you haven’t read or heard everything. Or your read/heard it wrong.

The Standing Rock protest is just a leftist version of Bunkerville. Facts, history, reality be dammed. This is about noise and drowning out all logic and thought that disagrees. That’s all it is. But people only read or listen to information that agrees with themselves. 



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