Like Kissing Your Sister

I’m starting to ramp things up a bit towards getting the show out on a more regular basis. As a part of that, I do want to get back to a daily blog of things that interest me, along with commentary.

WelcomeIn France today, the authorities have moved in to “clean out” (although it’s unclear to me what that means) the giant migrant camp which had sprung up near the English Channel and was full of Syrian migrants wanting to go to England. As the Brits has refused them entry, the camp had become problematic and symbolic of the issues dividing Europe as well as the problems with such a massive influx of people who are not even slightly interesting in assimilation. The “Migrants” are being given the option of two different area in France, which is not what they want. It is unclear how many will continue to hold out to go to England. The British government had paid for the fencing that surrounded the camp, and has continued to reject immigrants who are not children or families.

In the US, the two main Presidential Candidates have announced differing views on the admission of Syrian migrants. I say “announced” because if there’s anything we’ve learned from Wikileaks it’s that what is said in public and what is said behind closed doors to massive donors is usually two polar opposite things. Frankly I cannot predict what Trump would actually do, but I do believe that Clinton would use the Executive Order means to admit as many migrants as possible.

And when those migrants discover that the “economic dream” they seek (similar to the UK) isn’t as easy as they think, what happens then?

I’ve been filling out my ballot, and as you know, I do not endorse candidates nor do I tell anyone else how to vote. As of today, my Presidential, CA-10 and Senatorial votes are blank. And I might just leave them that way.

Wide LeftThe NFL suffered through one of the worst games ever played last night. In fact, it was the lowest scoring Overtime Game ever played. In the entire history of the National Football League. That goes back to at least 1958, when the first overtime game was played. Funny to me is that Cardinal fans are pissed today at what appeared to be at least three major officiating blunders benefiting the Seahawks, while Seattle fans are all over Social Media today talking about “what a great game!”

No, it was atrocious. It was like watching a train wreck. A 6-6 tie in a primetime game between two powerful offenses is not what the league needs in a season when ratings are down and sponsors are getting skittish. The League claims that the decline in viewership is because of the election, pointing to previous election years. Most outside analysts point to the ongoing Kaepernick protest and the League’s failure to respond to both his actions and seemingly stomping on the attempts by at least one team to honor Law Enforcement, all while pursing Tom Brady and Deflategate like a rabid dog. The truth is that the play in the NFL is becoming subpar and the scheduling of games is both saturating (get rid of Thursday Night except for Kickoff week) and poorly timed.  But between the poor officiating and the lack of great play, the league is having big issues that it isn’t willing to really address.

Which is why the World Series, even if the Dodgers aren’t in it, is so attractive. Two long time lovable losers. The Major League team from Cleveland and the Bill Murray Ain’t Afraid of No Goat Cubs. Whether or not your team or my team is in it this year, this World Series is just what baseball needed. And if MLB gets really lucky, this will go seven games and the last game will go extra innings before breaking the hearts of one of the two teams fans. It’s gonna be great one way or the other.

I’ve long told you that when it comes to matters of Global Warming, I am a neutralist. That is, I don’s see how 150 years of data can be used to “model” with any kind of accuracy a system that has bee in place for hundred of millions, let’s just call it 4 billion, of years. (As a complete aside, I have a new understanding of the whole “six thousand years” issue, that comes from my Torah study this week, but that’s for another blog.) In any case, scientists are informing me today that CO2 levels have reached ever new levels (and they will again next year, of course) but at the same time an amazingly simple process has been discovered to turn atmospheric CO2 into ethanol. Now the process is still experimental, and using current technology would result in a nest loss of energy. But the process is there. Once upon a time, it was considered impossible to create fixed nitrogen (ammonia) from atmospheric nitrogen. But eventually a process was discovered, refined over years and ended up creating the means to do two things. One: feed the world and in fact, more than feed the world. Two: create destruction on a scale never before seen.

And it ultimately did both.



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