It’s the End of the World And We Know It

Dave gets asked a question about something heard on another show. It happens to be one of Dave’s wheelhouse topics, and of course, he see’s things differently than a nationally syndicated, paid to stir up things, host with apocalyptic visions and a basement full of survival supplies (as well as a company that sells said supplies and thus benefits from stirring up belief in the end of the world).

dr-strangelove-3Dave is not an “End Timer,” as it were. From the Mayan Apocalypse fraud to the Book of Daniel to the “predictions” of Nostradamus and Harold Camping and on and on, the same factor keeps coming into play. It’s the same reason so-called “Psychics” aren’t winning the lottery. Add a little flowery verbal imagery to a dose of cold reading and intentional misdirection and, presto! You get a “prediction” of the future. And because of the intentional vagueness, it can’t be wrong or proven to be false! If it doesn’t happen, just claim that it did (alá Harold Camping) or that it still will happen!

So why do the Soviets… er, Russians, have Civil Defense drills and rattle the atomic saber?

The reason is actually simple. Almost surprisingly simple. And it is based on perceptions of what would happen if somebody actually did push the button…

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