The War on Race?

There are certain topics that I refer to as “No Win Topics.” There is no way that anybody listening will change their minds, regardless of how right, how brilliant, how different or even how wrong my position and discussion might be. These topics are a waste of time not because they aren’t important, but because there is simply no way that anything will happen except for pointless arguments that will go nowhere and achieve nothing.

That’s not to say that those topics shouldn’t be talked about in broad terms. Its important for you to know where I stand on a given issue, even if I don’t devote copious time to it for the reasons I outlined above. For example, I oppose abortion. But I also believe that ultimately, its a decision that only you can make for you or Cami and I could have made for us. In other words, it’s none of my or your business. There may be reasons about which I or you know nothing that lead to a decision with which I disagree. And while I may not choose the path or action that another chooses, if what my faith teaches me is true, then it’s really between that person or persons and the Deity, not me. But the idea of my tax dollars paying for it is outrageous to me.

Even now, even though that is the full extent of the discussion as far as I am concerned, some people are firing up their eMail or texts or even voicemails to tell me how wrong (or how right) I am and how this should be my focus regardless of anything and everything else.

Which is why it’s not. You wont change my mind or position, and I will not change yours.

d4f095da03085053f9dcb75b9b015c1fHaving said all of that, occasionally one of these topics rears its ugly head and demands attention. And so it is that I turn my attention to the race issue and the divide that I am repeatedly told separates Americans at the most basic level. I sincerely doubt that my opinions on the matter will change anybody’s mind. In fact, Some will say that I have no “right” to talk about it (which is clearly wrong); while others will wonder why I don’t talk more about it. At the end of the day, there are times when I need to talk about it for myself. To verbalize for myself what I am thinking and to see if my thought is logical within my frame of reference. 

So, I have to ask some basic questions: (1) Is there actually a “racial” divide in America? (2) If there is such a divide, who benefits from it? (3) If there is no divide, who benefits from attempting to create the appearance of one or to cause one? (4) If there is a divide, how do we correct it? (5) If there is no divide, how do we stop the attempts (if they exist) to create one? (6) Why can’t I talk about race? 

As I so often do when I am perplexed about an issue in life, I turn to the one place I know the subject will have been discussed in a full and frank manner…

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