C’Mon On, Get Happy!

The biggest problem with the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy isn’t just that it exists at all in the first place.

4779543Put aside for the moment the internet debate over whether he is a dirt bag or a Muslim or a Cop hater or a pussy whipped boyfriend of a radical BLM Activist. Put aside the arguments that he “has a right” to take a stand for what he believes and that men and women have died for his right to do so.

All of those arguments have their place I suppose, but like every other argument in today’s world, they won’t change anybody’s mind. Not one. Nobody looked at the opinion article you posted or your meme and said to themselves, “Hey, that’s right! I’ve taken the wrong position on this whole issue all along and I should change my mind!”

No, the whole problem with the story, and by the by, every single other debate right now, is one simple thing: The Jeremy Gelbwaks Factor.

That Jeremy Gelbwaks Factor is why your “news,” regardless of your source, is filled with Colin Kaepernick, Kim Kardashian, Gretchen Carlson, iPhone 6, Kieth Vaz, Brock Turner and the like*, instead of the actual substantive issues that we all say we would rather read and hear about.

Everybody in the media business (and your friends too) knows that we are lying. Heck, even I cannot resist – even as I scream, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” in my head – from clicking on the link about the latest celebrity to get photographed “frolicking” on the Riviera with another fame whore that isn’t their spouse. After I do it I feel like I do after I eat an entire quart of ice cream after I’ve logged my day’s calories and exercise. Dirty, but strangely satisfied.

And there’s only one solution to the problem.

Okay, actually there are several, but you’re not going to change my mind that only one of them would work…

*if you value your time, DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK

Download 150x150




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